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Human-Cylon-Blending (BSG ep 4.16)

Recap of Battlestar Galactica Episode 4.16 – “Deadlock“. We are nearing the end…

Tyrol is hard at work with a Cylon team rubbing a weird gooey substance all over the bulkheads of Galactica. Marines are busy handing out food while Caprica Six runs into trouble and has to smash some sense into a couple of humans.

Meanwhile the “miracle” is probed by Cottle’s ultrasound. Everything is looking good and the doc jokes with the expecting parents to go and make room for sick people. I totally agree.

Tigh doesn’t trust the ultrasound, but Six is reassuring him that “Liam is fine.” Wow, they already have a name for the baby. And Six sleeps better at home with Tigh. Man, what did you do to get such a knockout of a woman? Write me an email with the deets. Given the info we were given in the previous episode we know that Tigh and the rest of the Fab Five created the human-like Cylons like Six. So basically Tigh is sleeping with his own creation/daughter? How fraked is that?

Dradis is picking up a rogue Raptor. Hmmm, who could that be? Interesting little detail in the sent out scout squadron – among the Vipers is a Cylon ship with a Six aboard. Have the Cylon and Humans merged that far? The Six flying with the Vipers identifies the voice aboard the rogue Raptor as one of the Sharons. No surprise for us viewers, but helluva surprise for everyone welcoming the rogue Raptor in Galactica’s hangar. Tadda, Ellen Tigh is back!

Tyrol identifies this Sharon as The Boomer and Adama has her immediately sent to the Brigg. Just as Tigh walks over and sees his presumed dead wife. He goes in for a rather warm welcome. Don’t you have a new lady with a baby on the way waiting in your crammed quarters? Dude…


Ellen is debriefed asap with Adama, Tigh, Apollo and President Roslin present and accounted for. She tells them that John wants the Fab Five to build a new resurrection ship and that he considers the biological procreation and evolution “messy” and is weirded out by that thought alone.

Ellen: “It’s too much for him. The thought that the only hope for the Cylon people is this desperate grab for procreation and evolution – all that messy and biological trial and error.”

She pleads with everyone present to let her go and see the rest of the Fab Five. She makes a pretty good argument pointing out that there were not 50 000 survivors, but just five. FIVE!

Ellen: “Imagine, instead of 50 000 survivors there were only five. Five people! Imagine how close you’d be and to have all that torn away.”

After everyone leaves, Ellen and Tigh are going at it just like in the good old times. Mom and Daddy human-like Cylon are back together. I wonder how daughter Cylon – aka pregnant Six – will take those news. Maybe the unborn has a sixth – no pun intended – sense cos Liam starts kicking or making his opinion heard somehow, since Six seems to be in a lot of pain in Tigh’s quarters. Coincidence in timing? Not on Galactica.

Baltar is walking in on his disciples planning something major, that smug I-dunno-what-I’m-doing grin perfectly in place. His disciples turned into a self sufficient, gun-wielding gang that knows how to take care of themselves and their unofficial leader is not too thrilled to see Baltar returning.

Back to Ellen and Tigh post-frak. She asks him who he’s been frakking, saying she knows him after a few thousand years of marriage, making it clear she is not mad since he thought she was dead. As soon as he mentions he has been having an affair with Caprica Six Ellen’s demeanor changes. She points out what I mentioned at the start of the recap:

Ellen: “We made the Sixes. We created her. That’s just…”

Tigh: “I thought of you ..always. I thought of you.”

Ellen: “What do you mean? When… Please do not tell me I was your mental porn. That’s just sad.”

It is sad indeed. The whole scenario reminds me of a book called Homo Faber (no worries peeps, it has nothing to do with homosexuality so chill!) in which a man sleeps with a young woman not knowing she is his daughter. The reveal of the truth has heavy consequences.

Cottle is not too happy with all the visitors Anders is having at the moment. Six, Sharon, Tori, Tyrol and Tigh have to endure Cottle’s lecture “Just don’t anybody unplug anything” until Ellen finally walks in. Six and Sharon are totally overwhelmed by the occasion and want the Fab Five to come with them to the Base Ship to jump away and start a new life together. The Cylons want to have their pure 13th tribe back. The hybrid child Hera is no longer needed since Caprica Six is pregnant with Tigh’s child. That new set of info doesn’t sit too well with Ellen. And the whole scene erupts in chaos.

Ellen and Tigh are fighting over him getting Caprica Six pregnant, Six and Sharon don’t want their parents to fight, Tori wants to go with the Cylon plan and Tyrol just wants everyone to calm the frak down. If nothing has sent Anders over the edge yet THIS should do it.

It all boils down to the Fab Five having to democratically decide what to do – do they go with the Cylons or stay with the fleet? Tori sums up the whole scene best in saying: “Two to go, two to stay, and the swing vote is walking out the door.” The swing vote of course being Ellen.

Baltar is in full God-mode again as he sees children starving, making sure everyone heard him saying:

“I’m coming back here and if it is the last thing I do I will ensure that every single one of you are fed. And your children are fed. As God is my witness.”

Roslin is making friendly with Caprica Six even going as far as using her name and congratulating her on the baby. She inquires about Ellen being back and apologizes for the assault on the docks. Then she brings the conversation to the visions they both shared. Caprica Six mentions she hasn’t had any visions since she became pregnant which sparks Roslin’s interest and she asks her whether she thinks this baby is important. That basically ends the conversation since of course this baby is important to Six and Roslin backtracks saying that of course all babies are important. Is she looking for a new project, a new spiritual endeavor?

The bar still exists. We haven’t seen that part of the ship in quite a while. And of course we find Starbuck there complaining to the barkeep about something. Tyrol joins her and she shares that seeing Ellen and Tigh on the wing of the Raptor was like watching her parents make out. She asks him whether he has visited Boomer in the Brigg yet, telling him to go when she’s asleep since she watched Sam until she couldn’t handle the fun anymore. I can’t handle the fun that is her neglected story line anymore.


Ellen goes to visit Caprica Six and tells her about the sexual reunion she had with Tigh. Women have this amazing ability to stick a knife in your back and twist and turn it in devilish delight – and all that only with words. The verbal fight gets ugly until Ellen seemingly declares defeat. But is there anyone out there that buys into that? Didn’t think so.

Baltar is busy giving out food rations to the children. He is really fond of that little one named Gaius. The main point being that Baltar succeeded in what the marines have not been able to do – give out food to the people without there being any riots. Everyone is lining up nicely and waiting their turn. Until the neighborhood bully rides into town, guns blazing and taking all the supplies. You might have guns, Gaius, but they have bigger ones. Better luck next time.

Adama and Tigh are back to a drunken night. This whole Galactica-is-falling-apart scenario is really getting to our re-instated Admiral. What is up with the recent role reversal concerning Adama and Tigh? They talk about Cylon birth and Galactica becoming more and more Cylon. The goo all over the bulkheads, a Cylon XO, Cylons flying CAP – a Human-Cylon-Amalgam of sorts. Adama knows they need Cylon help, but the reality of it is eating at him (and not in a good, meaning Six, way)

Baltar is having an epiphany thanks to his imaginary Six and gives his disciples a heart to heart:

Baltar: “I am so disappointed with you. I am disappointed with all of you. Here you all are, I’m gone for three minutes, and you’re lapping up Paula’s icy pragmatism. There is a way to feed ourselves and the people from Docksville. There is a way to bring hope to the lower decks, to the whole of this poor ship. There is a way to win. She thinks we can’t get what we need. All we need is strength and strength comes from within. And guns. More guns. Bigger guns. Better guns. And when we have those we will win.”

Tigh is having his own heart to heart, with Ellen. He is trying to convince her that Galactica and the fleet need the Base Ship. All she is interested in discussing is Caprica Six taking her place. Tyrol and Tori join them as requested by Ellen, as do Six, Sharon and Caprica Six. Ellen has made up her mind. The Fab Five will join the Base Ship and jump away. Tigh is not having it:

“Her baby…He is pure Cylon. If we go off and make some pure Cylon culture that’s what happened on Earth and it led to disaster. Pure human doesn’t work. Pure Cylon doesn’t work. It’s too weak.”

He is ready to abandon everyone, including his unborn child, to stay with the fleet. Or, as Ellen points out, with the one he truly loves:

“Do you see little girl. There is something in the universe that he loves far more than you or me. And that’s Bill Adama.”

As Ellen is laying out the ultimate test for Tigh and witnessing the results, Caprica goes into labor. Guess Liam heard the test results too and isn’t too impressed with his daddy.

Taking the whole discussion/test scenario to medbay Ellen makes clear she never intended for the Cylons and Humans to go separate ways. She only meant to hurt Tigh. Caprica is putting an end to all this, yelling a forceful “STOP” at everyone. Don’t anger a woman in labor. Way too many removable objects close to her that could be hurled at you. She is actually not in labor, just something wrong with the baby and Caprica needs to breathe through an oxygen mask. Everything is set aside and Ellen holds Tigh’s hand while he is watching over his woman and child. Guess the family is up to three now.


Adama is worried about his woman, keeping a close eye on the patching up process of Galactica. Meanwhile baby Liam is not doing too good and Caprica wants Cottle to cut him out. It doesn’t matter whether she lives, but she needs the baby to live. Cottle won’t do it and the baby’s heartbeat stops.

Baltar is having a meeting with President Roslin, Apollo and Admiral Adama about the current situation aboard the Galactica:

“What you have right now is starving civilians with no representation, no recourse. They’re broken. They’re exhausted. They’d had enough. That’s not a mutiny Admiral, that is a revolution…. Galactica is slipping away from you. Drop by drop. You are pouring Cylon blood into her veins. I see the Cylon pipes, we all see them. We all see the Cylon workforce. Where are they going into the far recesses of the ship? When are you inviting the Centurions over, to join in all the fun we’re having over here? Of course when you do that, that very moment, this becomes a blended ship, only half human. And right now I am here to tell you your people, your people are not ready for that. Listen to me Admiral, I am offering you the last human solution you will ever be presented with.”

Baltar gets what he wants. The big guns are delivered to his estate by Adama’s marines.


Tyrol visits Boomer while she is asleep in the Brigg, Anders is about to wake up in medbay and Tigh needs the love of his life, aka Bill Adama, to help him cope with just having lost his baby. We are privy to the solution of a rather obvious puzzle – Liam apparently is short for William. Bill is short for William too, right? Connect the dots…

Adama and Roslin take a walk through the ship, running into Cylon repair crews wherever they go. They see one of the Sixes at the Wall of the Lost Souls (dunno what it’s called in the series). As soon as she is gone Roslin and Adama walk over there and discover that the Cylons have added pictures of their comrades as well.


Roslin: “These are the Cylons that have died with us since the Alliance. I didn’t know they were doing that. Did you?”

Adama (shakes head): “It’s already happened, hasn’t it?”

Roslin nods as we fade to black.


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