Posted by: da_nibbler | February 23, 2009

The Musical Is Back!

With Hugh Jackman hosting the 81st Annual Academy Awards it came as no surprise that singing and dancing was a big part of his show. But nothing could have prepared us for the onslaught of awesomeness that was his opening number.

Jackman’s opening act was comprised of him singing about the films nominated in the main categories. His renditions of, or rather about, Slumdog Millionaire, Milk, The Reader, The Wrestler and Frost/Nixon, with a surprise performance by Anne Hathaway, were truly remarkable and starting off an Oscar show reminiscent of the greatness of old. The Musical is back indeed!

Jackman deservedly received a standing ovation after the eight minute extravaganza and I am glad someone uploaded the whole thing to Youtube. Check out the brilliant opening from last night’s Academy Awards below:

Congratulations and thanks to Kate Winslet for making her dad do a whistle and thanking Peter Jackson who discovered her for Heavenly Creatures, Sean Penn for speaking out for gay rights, Heath Ledger’s family for a dignified speech and the Slumdog Millionaire cast and crew for bringing up the cute little kids from India while accepting the award for Best Picture.

Kate Winslet’s Acceptance Speech:

Sean Penn’s Acceptance Speech:

What a night. For a list of all winners go here.



  1. This year’s oscars were great!

  2. I loved all the musical numbers too!! Finally, I watched the whole Oscars show!! The best idea they ever had was to make Hugh Jackman the host. He is a real showman!

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