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Starbuck Is Back In The Game (BSG ep 4.17)

Seems like you only have to complain about something and the situation shall be remedied. Or how else am I supposed to interpret us, the viewers, getting the Kara Thrace story line back this week after I complained about the lack of it in my previous recap? Coincidence? Probably. But less fun for sure. On to the recap.

Kara sees the reflection of her dead self looking at her in a mirror as she is getting ready for a CAP meeting. The mission is the same as last week, which is the same as the week before and the week before that. The dreadful repetitive- and hopelessness of the whole situation is beautifully made clear by the cinematography and Katee Sackhoff’s VO (=voice over) and acting.

“We’ll be flying Viper CAPs in conjunction with Heavy Raider Pickets from the Base Ship…. Remember, the first one who sights an inhabitable rock will get this fine oral hygiene product – it is the last tube of Tauron toothpaste in the universe. Gods know, most of you need it.”

What exactly are they brushing their teeth with now that it’s a premium commodity to have toothpaste? I like these little details that grounds the show more in reality. Yes, supplies actually do run out.

The ranks have been thinned by the recent rebellion so even most Raptor pilots are flying solo now. Also we finally see the Cylons being part of the official Galactica/Fleet flight crew including in meetings. I spotted at least three Sixes and two Sharons.


Tyrol reports to Adama, Lee and Roslin about Galactica’s structurial health – it ain’t good.

Tyrol: “… a few more jumps, but not many… til the hull caves in.”

Adama is not “ready to give up on [his] old girl just yet.” Meanwhile Lee congratulates Sunja, a Six who is present, on her election. She will be taking her seat as part of the new Quorum as a ship’s captain. Can’t wait to see how that goes over with the rest of the members as well as the fleet. But the real killer is her wanting the Eight that is currently held in Galactica’s Brigg – Sharon Valeri – to be turned over to the Cylons. Adama points out that she put two holes in him, but Sunja clarifies that Boomer will be tried for treason considering her involvement with the other side during the Cylon Civil War. Now that resurrection is out of the question the Cylons are thinking about capital punishment. Tyrol is not amused.


As the Galactica is shaken by another quake – since the ship is basically in the process of breaking apart, only being held together by some Cylon glue – we find Cottle in medbay shoeing all the Cylons from Anders’ side. Starbuck points out that Anders’ eyes were closed the last time she visited and now they are open, but Cottle just says that’s normal for a coma and tells her to try and move on.

She does what she always does – drink, almost picking a fight with the guy playing the piano in the bar. He instead opts for doing a barkeeps job, not handing out drinks, but listening and talking to the drunk at the bar (=Starbuck).

Tyrol is going through his past with Boomer in his mind while he should be working. Not focusing on that equipment he is using sounds and looks rather dangerous. Wouldn’t want our Chief missing a hand. But another power failure saves his ass, or rather hand.

Hera is drawing stars when Starbuck visits Helo in his quarters. Helo always being the awesome nice guy has all of Kara’s stuff in a box. He managed to get a hold of everything that was auctioned off after she was presumed dead. All she takes is an old tape and the drawing Hera hands her.


Tyrol visits Boomer in the Brigg. They reconcile, saying they have been thinking of each other every day since she died in his arms. How romantic. The whole scenario is fascinatingly ironic given he turned out to be one of the Fab Five. He is another creator that slept with his creation. Just as he touches her through the mesh he is transported elsewhere – mind, not body.


Boomer thought Tyrol would be okay with “projection“, but given that he is running away as fast as he can I guess he’s not.

And we are back in the bar with the piano-playing wannabe barkeep still hitting those keys. Starbuck applauds as he finishes. He wants to know what she thinks of it, but doesn’t like her nice approach talking about his craft given the savagely honest one from the previous night , so she tries it a bit differently:

Kara: “I’m not being diplomatic, you over sensitive jackass. I said I liked it.”

She has such a way with words.


Tyrol is trying an intervention with the other three of the Fab Five still standing. He doesn’t want Boomer to die. Ellen doesn’t want to put themselves up as Gods.

Ellen: “We have to let justice run its course.”

Tyrol points out that in that case Boomer will be killed. Tigh doesn’t care and leaves. The death of his unborn son has hit him hard. Ellen gets all protectory and tells Tyrol to leave him alone.

He does and instead visits Boomer again in the Brigg. They talk about the “house” fantasy and that it has been Boomers secret place to escape. They reminisce about the good old times and he wants to share the projection with her this time. Within the fantasy he discovers marks on the fridge, clearly stating the presence of a child, who he finds upstairs in her room.


Starbuck is helping the piano player with his song. Her artistic streak is coming out again as she reminisces about her dad teaching her a few songs on the piano.


Kara is approaching her younger, piano-playing self in an empty Galactica. But as she turns her around she is faced with her dead, decomposed self she found in her Viper back on Earth. She wakes up and asks piano-man what it all means.

Kara: “When I was leading the fleet to Earth everything seemed so clear. For the first time in my life I knew what I was doing. Why I was here. Now I’m just adrift again.”

Piano-man: “It may feel like hell, but sometimes lost is where you need to be. Just because you don’t know your direction doesn’t mean you don’t have one.”

Tyrol is asking President Roslin to help Boomer as a personal favor to him. Does she owe him anything I can’t remember or why should she, as the President, feel compelled to do him a favor? Anyways, she is signing the paper, dismissing the Chief. What will Tyrol do? Hmmm, there are plenty of other Sharons on Galactica and they all look alike… hmmmm…


Kara and the piano-man are at it again – composing that is. It’s not going too well and we find out the piano-man left his wife and kid cos she wanted him to stop playing the piano. Puzzle pieces clicking into place? Kara even goes as far as saying he is like her dad. Need more pointers?

The real Boomer is running around freely on Galactica while one of her sisters is sleeping in the Brigg with a mighty gush and bruise on her forehead.

Kara is still busy talking with Mr. Piano-Man. He is trying to make her play, but after only a few notes she is bordering on a breakdown and stops. Maybe next time.


Boomer finds Athena and knocks her out. Taking over her identity and even fooling Helo, who came by for a last minute frak before Athena goes on her six day mission. The real Athena has front row seats, watching the whole interlude from inside a locker, gagged and bound.

Piano-man is scribbling on his music papers as Kara finally has the revelation that Hera was drawing more than just a kid’s drawing. They’re notes. While piano-man and Kara are playing the new notes three of the Fab Five present in the bar seem to recognize the song and Boomer is getting Hera out of kindergarten. Uh-oh.

Tyrol helps Boomer load a big crate onto her Raptor. Now what could be in there I wonder. Just about the right size for a little girl.


Kara and piano-man are still playing, rocky riffs from the score join in until Tigh, Tori and Ellen finally recognize the song. Jerking Kara out of her trance they demand to know where she learned to play that song. And all of a sudden the piano-man is gone and everyone is wondering who wrote the song. Taddaaa.


Boomer is asking Tyrol to come with her. He declines, kissing her good-bye. That must have raised a couple of eyebrows that the Chief is kissing Helo’s woman all of a sudden. Apparently not. Granted it was in the Raptor, but the hatch was open.

Helo is heading a flight instruction meeting when Athena walks in, crashing to the floor. Everything is a blur of activity as it’s made clear that Boomer has escaped and has kidnapped Hera.

Boomer is waiting for her departure clearance, but that stall tactic doesn’t work for long and Adama orders the CAP to intercept. Change of plans as soon as he hears she has Hera onboard. The flightpods are being retracted as Boomer spools up her Raptor’s FTL drive and dashes towards the continuously smaller getting opening. She barely makes it out, chipping one of her wings.


She jumps despite the damage, but way too close to Galactica. Part of the hull explodes, the repercussions can be felt all over Galactica.


Roslin seems to know what’s happening with Hera without actually being privy to that information. She collapses while uttering “Hera” one last time.

In the hangar someone mentions to Tyrol that Boomer took Hera. Guess he didn’t see that one coming.


Ellen tells Tigh what the real reason for all this is. Cavil made Boomer free Ellen so they could get aboard Galactica to get Hera. All Cavil ever wanted was Hera. Hera is “plugged into something that’s manipulating all of us” according to Ellen. They are hoping Anders can help them, if he ever wakes up.

Kara is in medbay lying on Anders’ shoulder, playing him that old tape she got of Helo earlier. It contains the song she has been composing, that Tigh, Tori and Ellen immediately recognized.

Tyrol is running through Galactica, but in his mind he is racing through the fantasy home, frantically searching for a kid. When he finally checks her room she is gone and he collapses. What have you done Chief? What were you thinking?

Three more episodes to go. Good to have Starbuck back in the game.


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