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The Best Ship In The Fleet (BSG ep 4.18)

Only two more episodes to go. In this week’s episode “Islanded in a Stream of Stars” the repair crews are still up and at them smearing the Cylon goo all over Galactica. As if there wasn’t enough reason to bash each other’s skulls in before, the ill-smelling goo serves as the perfect catalyst. One of the Sixes and one of the human repair crew go at it:

Mechanic: “… this goop of yours is doing crap – except making this place smell like the inside of a latrine.”
Six: “Really? I thought that was you.”

Wow the Cylons even know how to trash talk. Can you get any more human than that? One of the Sharon’s has to step in and drag the Six away.


Ellen, Tigh, Tori, Adama and Lee talk about the Hera situation. Ellen mentions the Cylon Colony, or Homeworld, as the place Cavil will take Hera to “try to determine what made her a successful Human Cylon hybrid.” And even better, she knows where it is. Lee doesn’t want to risk Galactica for the sake of “one single child.” That gets Starbuck to speak up. What is she doing at such a high brow, pivotal meeting? Ah yeah, remember her composing that song that triggered something within Ellen, Tigh and Tori last episode (check the recap for the previous episode here) and she composed it thanks to the Rainbow-Dots-drawing Hera gave her? Definitely part of the whole Fab Five thing going on here now and let’s not forget she is married to one of them. He is still in a coma. More than enough reason to have his wife be present in his stead.

Starbuck fills Lee and Adama in on the importance of that song with some help from Tigh:

Tigh: “The same song that switched us on when we were in that nebula.”
Starbuck: “The same song that led us to Earth. Something is happening here. Something that is greater than all of us. And that little girl is in the middle of it. She’s the key. ”
Adama: “In other words – it’s our destiny to go after her, right?”
Starbuck nods.
Adama: “Wrong! I’ve had it up to here with destiny, prophecy. With God or the Gods. Look where it’s left us. Yes, nowhere. Near half of our people are gone. Earth – worthless cinder and I can’t even walk down the halls of my ship without wondering if I wana catch a bullet for getting us into this mess.”

He ends up giving them a Heavy Raider for reconnaissance.

The whole mindworld game (= everyone chasing Hera through red carpeted corridors) is happening again for Athena, Caprica Six and President Roslin just as part of Galactica’s hull is giving way to old age and pressure, venting a couple of Humans and Cylons into space including the previously fighting Six but not before saving the guy she was fighting with earlier. No surprise there. I still would have preferred the dude dying as opposed to that hot chick, especially since they can’t resurrect anymore. Seriously boys, we gotta be more careful. We only have a limited supply of these awesome ladies now. Can’t just let them die like that. I think I’ll write a memo.


The newly acting Chief, it’s not Tyrol who is not even in this episode, is informing Adama that Galactica can take five more jumps. Seems like we’re getting close to the end.

Lee is facing the first new Quorum, now comprising the ship’s captains. The news that Galactica will have to be abandoned soon doesn’t sit too well with them given that would make the Cylon Base Ship the only military vessel in the fleet. The presence of Sunja, the Captain of the Cylon Base Ship in the Quorum, is not helping the situation.


Sunja is reiterating the point that the Cylons have given over military jurisdiction to Adama and intend to follow through with him commanding the Base Ship.

Sunja: “As you all know we agreed to accept Admiral Adama’s military authority in return for a seat on this council. We intend to abide by this promise.”

That seems to settle the issue since another Captain jumps at the chance of claiming parts of the soon to be dismantled Galactica. She is not even dead yet and people start putting tags on her innards. Lee has to scream to get his message across that “… no one removes so much as one bolt from this Battlestar. Not until the Admiral tells us we can.” Guess that puts a hold on the lottery one of the Captain’s suggested. One of them asks: “Really? What does Gaius Baltar have to say about that?” Lee reacts as we all do, saying in utter disbelief: “Gaius Baltar?”

Nice segue to Baltar, making another one of his famous broadcasts:

Baltar: “Angels? Angels I hear you say. I don’t believe that angels appear to you in some mystical spectral form. Angels take the guise of those who are nearest and dearest to you. Those who can understand your doubts and your trials and steer you back on the road to salvation. I believe in these angels because I see them.”

And we do too and what a gorgeous angel it is.


He spots Caprica Six getting some supplies and relays his condolences about her recent loss. He offers her a place to stay and she declines, saying she doesn’t want to be part of his harem, pointing out that she has changed and he has not.


Meanwhile Tigh is in sick bay holding a Sharon’s hand. She thanks him for “the privilege of finally meeting [her] father before [she] die[s].” He is overwhelmed.


Somewhere in space Boomer is realizing she doesn’t have a good hand with kids. Hera is crying her eyes out, wanting her mommy and Boomer is close to short circuiting. She wants to put her to sleep, but something makes her not put that syringe into the poor girl’s arm.


Tigh is rummaging through his quarters looking for some alcohol as Ellen is trying to convince him the Hera mission is more important than just a recon mission.


I always pull up couches people are sitting on trying to find one last drop of alcohol.

Ellen: “You’re a Cylon, Saul…. Whether you remember that life or not. At least you must understand what we were trying to do. We wanted to end the cycle of war between man and machine.”
Tigh: “That was a bust.”
Ellen: “Yes. We failed. But we have a second chance now. Hera. Without her our children are going to die off one by one. Just like they are dying now in Cottle’s sick bay.”
Tigh: “I had a child. He died.”
Ellen: “You’re wrong, Saul. You had millions.”


Hera is not eating so Boomer tells her about her special place (see previous episode’s recap for details). As Boomer projects away into her fantasy world Hera takes her hand. She can project too and see what Boomer is seeing.

Baltar is shaving. Not really newsworthy, right? How about Starbuck telling him he missed a spot? Still nothing? Okay, how about Starbuck sitting on a toilet and Baltar – and the whole world – can clearly see her cos the latch is busted and she knows it. Never has a peeing sound been more haunting than in this scene.


They talk about angels. Reason enough for another Six-cap.


Starbuck tells Baltar everything about her burnt-to-a-crisp corpse she discovered.

Starbuck: “I’m dead. As in six feet under dead. Dead as in crash-landed, burnt-to-a-crisp dead…. (handing over her dog tags) I took these off my body, what was left of it anyway, on Earth. Take em. You used to be a scientist. Run some test. Pull out the old Cylon detector. Do whatever you need to do because I have no idea. The only thing I know for sure – I’m not an angel.”

Although when we see her next I could have been fooled.


The Cylons have hooked Anders up to the main power grid, hoping it would help his condition. I might give this a go when I get another cold.


Starbuck: “So in other words you tried to jumpstart him like a car. Let me guess, it didn’t work so well for ya?”

After the Sharon has left Starbuck talks to her incapacitated Cylon husband:

Starbuck: “It’s funny. You know. I.. uh….I remember when…uh… I told you that if I found out that you were a Cylon I would put a bullet in your head … some frakker beats me to it and all I can think about is how I can get you back. Human. Cylon. It doesn’t seem to matter. I just wanted you back. Because you’re just Sam. You are my Sam. (aiming her gun at his head) And that’s how I’m gonna remember you.”

That finally brings Anders out of his coma. Among the jibberish he is uttering, reminding us of the hybrids the Cylons were/are using is “You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end.”

Adama is reading to Roslin in sick bay. She asks him to open page 61, revealing a cigar. “Cottle won’t mind. It’s medicinal.” They reminisce about times on New Caprica and what home is. The irony of seeing someone smoke while being on oxygen in a hospital bed never ceases to amaze me.


Baltar is busy doing the tests Starbuck mentioned while Tigh is being informed that basically Anders could jump Galactica whenever he wants to. That’s what you get for bringing Cylon tech aboard. They take him offline. Sometimes I really wish certain people had such a thing embedded in them so I could just shut them off whenever I wanted.

Six and Ellen inform Adama that “Cavil moved the colony”. There is no way they can get to Hera. Speaking of the little kid – she is still in wonder land with Boomer.

Helo runs into Adama asking him for a Raptor. Unfortunately the Admiral “can’t condone a suicide mission”. Helo loses it and accuses Adama of holding onto a dead ship while his daughter might still be alive. Adama doesn’t like being lectured and leaves Helo standing in the corridor.

Now it’s time for the mass funeral for all the people – Humans and Cylons – we lost in the recent accident. But it looks like there are three different funerals taking place. Or three different ceremonies for the same funeral. One for the Humans. One for the Cylons. And interestingly enough one lead by Baltar’s group. Who exactly they are mourning or representing I don’t know. The whole montage was a bit confusing.

Baltar goes on to make a speech (whenever does he not?):

“…Death is not the end. And I am not talking about Cylon resurrection. I am talking about the gift of eternal life that is offered to each and every one of us. Yes. Even the most flawed amongst us. All we need is the courage to face death when it comes calling for us. Embrace it even. Only then will we truly have the ability to cross over as one amongst us here has already. Crossed over. One amongst us here is living proof that there is life after death.”

He holds up Starbucks dog tags and reveals the results of his tests. This revelation is not yielding the results he expected I assume as Adama immediately threatens to throw him in the Brigg, everyone gives Baltar and Starbuck weird glares and Starbuck comes up to him and smacks him in the face.


Lee goes after Starbuck telling her he doesn’t care. He saw her Viper explode and doesn’t care. He touches her face saying “This is all that matters”. Way to reassure a girl, Lee. Starbuck puts her picture back on the Wall of Lost Souls.


Boomer finally reaches her destination. Cavil wishes he could have seen Ellen’s face when she realized he played her. As he reaches for Hera Boomer seems a bit reluctant to let go of her. Hera is calling out for Boomer, not her mommy.


Adama inspects the repairs on his old girl, aka Galactica. Something is clearly going on in the old man’s head as he is staring down at his rank insignia. Losing it over a paintbrush in his quarters he collapses, finally realizing one of his girls is dead and he is clinging to a corpse.


Starbuck is back talking to Anders:

“The old me is dead and gone. Same as the old you. Just took me a while to accept it. Which brings us to the larger question. Why am I here? I think it has something to do with this music. There is a pattern there. A pattern that I can’t see. But I think that you can. So we are going to sit in this room until we figure it out.”

Plugging him back in she is risking Galactica and everyone on it.

But it doesn’t really matter since our Admiral has finally made the right decision. He stopped the repair crews.

Adama: “I want the crew start stripping down Galactica. Packing all the weapons and gear. Then start off loading civilians by tomorrow. Full crews and ordinance is transferred by the end of the week… We’re abandoning ship, Tigh.”

Tigh is not too happy about those news, voicing his opposition to the Admiral’s orders, but Adama has his mind set.

Adama: “… The ship never let us down. So we’re gonna send her off in style.”
Tigh: “… She was a grand old lady.”
Adama: “The grandest. To Galactica, best ship in the fleet.”



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