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Last Word (The L Word ep 6.08 – FINALE)

“Last Word” is the title of the very last episode of The L Word. So, “Last Word” as in last L Word or who has the last word? Let’s hope Jenny doesn’t come back from the dead to haunt us and have the last word. I’m quite glad she is shut up forever.

On a little side note, make sure to watch the special that aired with this episode after you have watched the episode. It works as an overall finale in a much better way (see closing comment at the bottom).

Okay, let’s get right to it. Shane is at the police station rambling on in her monologue about what’s been happening. Apparently Jenny was doing a tribute video for Bette and Tina. Why ever she was doing that after giving Bette hell for what she thought she saw her doing with Kelly is unclear. Another Schecter mystery? We are getting tons of them this season.

Jenny asks Shane to say something on the video, but all the while it’s Jenny who is doing the talking. And Shane is clearly not liking what she is hearing.

Jenny: “..with you guys leaving. You guys were the supreme, wonderful, beautific couple and now we are taking..we’re gonna take your place cos we’re the only ones left. So this is really, really exciting. So I give you my word that we’re gonna make it.”


Usually we would be saved by the horrid theme song, but we don’t have to shut our ears this time. Hopefully it won’t be the only highlight tonight.

We’re at The Planet where the Three Musketeers are having a serious chat for a change. Alice voices her love for Tasha and wants to know what is going on between Tasha and Jamie. Why they are having that talk in public is something I don’t understand. Anyone afraid of someone making a huge scene? Jamie reassures Alice that nothing happened and Alice points out that for Tasha “thinking is cheating” and given they have so much in common she assumes for Jamie too. To drive that point home both Jamie and Tasha ordered the same dish. Never mind that it’s totally generic food. Nothing special.


Alice: “Just be fucking truthful about your feelings. It’s obviously out of your control.”
: “I’m not gonna accept that.”

Jamie jumps in and professes her love for Tasha. Alice lets Tasha go, but Tasha doesn’t want to break up. It gets nasty and Alice gives Tasha an ultimatum.

Alice: “If you don’t call me by the same time tomorrow I know you have made up your mind about what it is you want.”
: “This is not… this has never happened to me before. Alice, you know that I live a life of honor and duty.”
: “Well, I don’t want you to stay with me out of a sense of duty. Don’t stay with me because it’s the right thing to do.”

Damn right girl. She storms out, leaving the two mental cheaters with their twin food and drinks.


Now it’s Alice’s turn spilling her guts at the police station. Seems like coolest guest star ever Lucy Lawless is back. I might be mistaken, but given the depressing content of this finale so far I am grasping at straws for every possible highlight.


Alice confesses loving Tasha as much as she loved Dana. Oh Dana, why did they kill you off? Thank you writers for reminding us exactly when this series jumped the shark.

Jenny is at Helena’s house with her camera equipment. Dylan is there too talking with Helena, but unfortunately it doesn’t look nor sound as if these two have reconciled. Apparently Dylan got kicked out of her sublet without warning and needed to talk to Helena cos she was upset about the whole thing. Now Helena is upset with Dylan cos she thinks Dylan expects her to offer her to stay at Helena’s place.

Dylan: “I would have said no if you had offered. But it would have been nice.”

Yep, Helena, that would have been nice. And given the Helena we have known since season three she would have offered without thinking about it, glad to maybe get a chance to be close to Dylan again after the fiasco at the Jenny Wonka party. Yet another personality change? How many does that make now? I have lost count.

They both run into Jenny downstairs who wants to tape them for the Tina-Bette-tribute-video. Helena is reluctant to be in front of a camera. Given her history with present Dylan Moreland I am not surprised and it is one of the rare occasions where the writers seem to adhere to The L Word history. Might just be a coincidence but I would like to give them some credit. Doesn’t happen very often.



Helena has also turned into an alcoholic, fixing drinks which Jenny politely declines since it’s too early.


Max’s turn at the police station. Last time we saw Max he shaved off his beard after the Jenny Wonka fiasco. Now the facial parasite is back. At least this time it’s nicely groomed. Different look, but back nonetheless.


He talks about everyone being “framily” for him. I know it’s not like you have sworn on the book-of-many-contradictions (=the bible) and are under oath while questioned at the station, but this might be stretching the truth beyond capacity.

On to cooler locations. Like Bette’s house. I don’t know what Weezie, the crazy laughter contractor did other than wave her magic wand (get your minds out of the gutter) to get all that construction work on the second level done already. I want to hire her and her time portal in which time must go by so much faster and your construction time is cut in half. Awesome asset.


Kit asks Bette about their plans for adopting another baby. Bette isn’t too hopeful they will get another chance since they’re a same sex couple. Funny how the system will give babies to people that can hardly hold a job and pay rent, but don’t even mention the monstrosity that is a loving same sex couple with tons of money and successful jobs to them. I wouldn’t want to be adopted by such people either. Life would be hell. Anyways, Kit points to the obvious choice we have all been pointing and rolling our eyes at all season – Max, the Mom Dad next door.


Kit: “… he has something you guys want.”
Bette: “We’re not talking about fucking used cars, Kit.”

Damn straight gurrrrl. Enough about that though. On to more important topics like Bette and Tina moving to New York. Bette gives Kit a pretty good reason.

Bette: “I am so ready to get out of here. I’m so tired of everyone being all up in everyone’s business.”


She tells Kit about what Jenny thinks she saw. Reassuring her big sis that nothing happened with Kelly that night Bette would just be happy to “be getting out of this little incestuous hotbed of lesbian inter-fucking-connectedness.”

Kit is at the police station being interviewed by a male detective. Where did Sergeant Lawless go? Maybe it wasn’t her to begin with. Damn, there goes my one reason why I might like this episode. Kit tells the detective that he “will never find a group of people who love one another more and who look after one another as lovingly as friends do… they are so tight and fiercely loyal.”


Alice is going over the whole Tasha-Jamie-scenario with Shane. Thank God we have those two bestest friends back together. Their dynamic has been sorely missed.


It doesn’t take long for Alice to bring up Jenny and her relationship from hell that she is having with Shane. Shane is trying to explain to Alice why she feels honor-bound to stay with Jenny.


The whole thing almost erupts in a fight. Then we’re back with Alice at the police station saying something that totally resonated with me.


Now we are coming to the truth why Shane is staying with Jenny. Like many already suspected she is putting Jenny’s happiness above her own.

Shane: “If I was to walk away from this I think she’d go off the deep end, I really do. So it’s a choice between my happiness and hers. That’s how I see it.”

Wooow Shane. That is never a good choice. Because sooner or later you won’t be able to do it anymore and then she will seriously go off the deep end. And you have this new diving block next door.

On that note let’s go over to another couple going off the deep end. Helena and Dylan are not fighting anymore, but as soon as Dylan gets off the phone and wants to scrub movie night Helena gets suspicious. Who was that nobody on the phone just now? More importantly when did these guys make up after the last scene we saw them in? I’m glad they’re still together and Helena hasn’t thrown Dylan out, but what’s with the control freak girlfriend routine all of a sudden? Consistency zero.


Now it’s Helena’s turn being questioned by the police. I wonder whether her priors came up in conversation.

Helena: “I know it’s a cliché, but being rich is a curse. You don’t know what it’s like never knowing if anyone ever really cares for you or if they’re just with you for the money.”

At least these two make up and have make up sex. But I got really concerned for a second there when Dylan got a hold of that knife. I know trust is a big issue, especially for our Helena Peabody, but do we need to go to such extremes? Especially considering the tremendous personality changes that happen on this show. I feel like I have to thank someone for not turning Dylan into a killer and murdering the gorgeous Helena.


Disaster averted, or did we?

Jenny is editing her tribute video and we are privy to Helena explaining why she was such a bitch when her and Bette first met. Other than Helena fucking Bette’s ex. But here she talks about Bette always being the daughter that she could never be (remember season two and Peggy Peabody?!). How sexy is Rachel Shelley sucking on a lolli pop.


Phyllis and Joyce are part of the video too. Phyllis is reminiscing about when she first saw Bette and Joyce is going “to miss double billing [Bette and Tina]. My business is really gonna take a hit”. Just two lines, but Jane Lynch always manages to be memorable.


What the one sex scene started, the next one finishes. Tina is moaning at the top of her lungs while I’m seriously starting to pray that it is Bette between her legs. Hey, on this show you never know. As Tina’s attention shifts to the unfinished railing outside Bette’s head emerges and I can’t hold in my sigh of relief.


Tina immediately focuses her attention on the matter at hand (pun intended) and reciprocates. But Bette just wants to kiss. Not that anyone minds.


Bette: “Do you know what I would like to do when we get to New York?”
: “What?”
: “I’d like to marry you.”


Short interlude at the police station where Bette utters that Tina is the love of her life.

Next, Shane walking home. Nothing much to it really other than it being a nice nod to the end of the pilot, where the same scenario was happening. Bear with me here, okay? Shane walking home after a night out coming past Bette and Tina’s house, who are both sitting outside after having had amazing sex the previous night.


Bette: “What are you doing out so early?”
Shane: “Going home.”
Bette: “From?”

Shane laughs: “I can’t believe this is finished. It looks incredible.”
Bette: “Nice dodge.”

Like in the pilot all-knowing Shane brings up the whole you-just-had-sex speech.



I can’t be the only one reminded of the pilot ending here. Anyone?

The conversation shifts to Shane having been with Alice, who needed support thanks to the whole Tasha-Jamie debacle. Negating Bette’s impression that Shane was in her studio last night we find out Jenny is using it now for her video editing. Bette makes an observation.

Bette: “So Jenny is using the studio? I thought that was supposed to be your photography studio…. That Jenny gave to you as a gift so that you could have some place that was yours. And yours alone.”

Shane doesn’t want to reveal the video surprise and is dodging around the subject until Bette speaks her words of wisdom.

Bette: “I think [Jenny’s] heart is in the right place. I think she just misplaced her meds.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Finally we have proof that Lucy Lawless is back.


Tina is at the station now and what she is wearing is enough reason to arrest her in my opinion.


She talks about her moment of jealousy concerning Kelly, aka The Vixen according to Kit.

Back at Helena’s pad our British import is doing her damndest not to be paranoid and jealous while Dylan is on the phone with someone.


Everyone is on the phone right now. Shane is listening to Alice talking about Tasha and Jamie having sex, while both of them are chewing on something.


Jenny walks in with deadline panic. More tapes have arrived that need to go into the tribute video. And to top it all off she still has to buy editing software. WTF? What was she using when we saw the little tidbits of Helena and Phyllis and Joyce? I could clearly see editing software on her left screen. WTF?


The African American Family just waltzed into Bette and Tina’s kitchen. Oh wait, it’s Kit and Sunset with lil Angie returning from the Zoo. My bad.


Sunset has to change into his drag to go to work. Bette is not too happy having him use their bathroom cos he’s a man.

Bette: “What if he forgets to put the toilet seat up or something?…. I’m just not that crazy about the idea of some man in my beautiful new bathroom. Don’t look at me like that. I’m not a man hater. There are just so many facets of men that make me queasy…”

Just at that very moment James walks in and Kit asks him how he puts up with Bette.


Bette: “He never pees in my bathroom.”
James: “Nope. Never.”
Bette: “Right. Ever.”
Kit: “Where do you pee?”
Bette: “Powder room. Right?”

There is probably even a memo somewhere stating exactly that. Jeez Bette. Nice to see you again, James.


Shane comes to the rescue of deadline-panic Schecter, bringing among other things Final Cut. Jenny mentions that she would have probably killed herself if Shane wasn’t always helping out. She wants to leave everything to her. Get that in writing quickly, Shane. You never know when someone might bite the dust.


As Shane drives away Dylan walks into the studio.

Back at Bette and Tina’s house we find out that James is not coming to New York with Bette. She hasn’t offered him a job. Ouch. Thanks Porter. So many years under your reign for nothing. It’s not like you make it especially easy and comfy to work for you. But Bette actually has a reason.

Bette: “…I’m sort of liking the idea of Tina supporting me and me looking after the children.”


Everyone cracks up laughing. I’m totally with them. Bette, you wouldn’t last a month. Before we can get into the whole thing Sunset walks out in complete drag saying good-bye to everyone. Angie gets to deliver the real shocker this time.

Angie: “Bye Daddy.”


Alice is playing with her toes while talking on the phone with Helena, who in return is needling and threading some clothes. What is happening with these ladies? When did Helena turn into a desperate housewife? I know she likes to cook but jeeez….


Helena finds out that Dylan is hanging with Jenny at the studio. According to Alice they are editing, but the jealousy and paranoia has risen to the surface yet again.

Meanwhile at said studio Dylan is asking Jenny not to reveal that she knew of the setup test with Nicki. Jenny of course won’t have it since she is on the honesty train this season. Helena walks in at the perfect line, thereby immediately knowing what is going on. Why do these two have to play games with each other? They are in love, they are great with and for each other. If only they could manage not to play mind games and honestly talk to one another. Jeezzz (how many jeezes does that make so far?).

Helena runs out, Dylan after her pleading to give her another chance. But Helena won’t have it.


The end of the Helena-Dylan relationship. What else is dying before the end?

Shane is buying a present for Bette and Tina and runs into Molly.


In their conversation Molly brings up the night she dropped off Shane’s jacket. She mentions the letter and Shane is clearly lost.

Shane: “What letter are you talking about?”
Molly: “The letter. It’s in the pocket of the jacket that I gave Jenny to give to you…”

Shane finally realizes what Jenny did and is capable of.


The party is in full swing at Bette and Tina’s house with Bette making a great entrance down the newly constructed stairs.


Alice is on a binge, Helena is not far behind. Tasha hasn’t called and Helena considers Jenny as “Kali, the goddess of destruction.” Very appropriate indeed. Everyone is hating on The Schecter to everyone’s amusement. Even Max joins in. Then Alice admits to wanting to make up with Jenny this evening and Bette suggests maybe everyone should give that a try. This sounds more like code for getting rid of the common problem. Or maybe that’s just me.

Jenny is in the house with Kit, readying the video for public display. They talk about the Kelly situation, which turns into the Jenny situation.

Jenny: “I can see that I am making everybody uncomfortable. I can see that my friends don’t want to be around me anymore. That they want me to shut the fuck up and go away. I just wana do the right thing.”

Kit argues that Jenny has no proof. Jenny brings out her iPhone, that apparently has a video not a photo on it.


Since when can you record video on an iPhone? Well crazy Jenny knows how it works. Damnit Jenny. Now I actually have a reason – one single reason – why I wish you weren’t dead. I have been trying to take a vid with my iPhone for hours and it’s not working. Jenny took that magical genius gift from heaven with her to the grave. Darn.

Fittingly enough we cut to Bette being questioned about Jenny by Sergeant Lawless.

Shane is rummaging through the house desperately looking for that letter Molly mentioned. As she enters the closet that leads to the attic music starts playing that for a few seconds sounds like cheap horror music. I almost expected Michael Myers to come in with his hockey mask and stab her. We finally find out what’s in the attic. No corpses or anything. Just the truth Shane has been dodging for so long.


And look what else is up there. The Lez Girls negative Jenny so vehemently denied having stolen.


Cut to Sergeant Lawless questioning Tina about the movie at the police station.

Bette is taking everyone upstairs to check out their newly constructed top level. Tina mentions that it’s not finished since their contractor bailed on them. Didn’t they mention not too long ago they will get Weezie to sort things out?

Tasha is back. On the screen that is. At the police station. Talking about Alice and her big heart.

Upstairs, in the newly constructed master bathroom Bette can’t help but divulge that she and Tina already enjoyed their new bathroom. These two are having sex as if their relationship had just started. Good for them. But I think there is also a rule that you need to have sex in every single room in your house before you can sell it. Did you tick everything off that checklist yet, Bette?


Kit stumbles upstairs wanting to talk to Bette. They end up yelling and screaming at each other. Kit adamantly convinced to know what she saw, Bette absolutely sure of what she did and did not do. It ain’t pretty.

Shane drags Tina next door. No doubt to show her the newly found, formerly missing Lez Girls negs.

At the police station Nicki is asking for a lawyer and Sergeant Lawless points out that none of the others have done so since “they really trust one another… they are very, very close and boy they are looking out for one another”. The point is driving home right into Nicki’s very core, drilling deep. Ouch.


Jenny wants to get started with her video cos it’s about three hours long. Holy hell, Schecter. That’s like the fourth part of The Lord of the Rings. People need serious warning and time to prepare for something like that. Most party guests are MIA but Jenny is going upstairs to get Bette. Kit didn’t warn her that Bette might not be in the bestest mood. It looks like a lamb is just going to the slaughterhouse.


To really drive the point home the two meet outside, where the railing has not been finishing and the dreadful pool of doom is looming below.


Bette: “My family and the life that I have worked so hard to rebuilt for them means everything in the world to me. And there is nothing I wouldn’t do to preserve and protect them.”


We get a repeat of Bette at the station talking about Jenny from earlier. Just a different angle. Running out of material?

And now for the real killer guest appearance or rather re-appearance on the show. Tim is back, aka Eric Mabius who was the luckiest son of a bitch to ever be written out of this show so he could sign up for Ugly Betty. They paid a little tribute to him in an earlier episode and now he re-appears.


Alice finds Shane sitting on the porch. She tells her that she is forgiving Jenny since Alice needs her friends now that she is alone. Shane tells her that they are no longer together. Guess Shane is finally coming to terms with Jenny’s treachery.

And we are back with Alice at the police station asking what is on everyone’s mind.

Alice: “What does this have to do with who killed Jenny?”

Sergeant Lawless immediately jumps to the “killed” part. Alice clearly feels trapped.


Cut to Bette running into Tina while looking after Angie. She wants to talk about something. Max jumps in, just having felt the baby kick for the first time. And Saunder is strolling around the edge of the pool.

Meanwhile on the video we have jumped from the Manny over Ivan (with a nice nod to NO ON PROP 8!) to Peggy Peabody and Jodi. They even have Marina back. But the best was saved for last.



Max suggests to pause the video since Jenny wanted to see everyone’s reactions. Alice, trying to be her friend tonight, goes to get her. Everyone else stays behind watching the video which functions as a good-bye to the viewers. Then Alice returns, hardly able to say “Jenny!”. Bette is the first through the door as we hear Jenny say “Bye Bette and Tina. I love you guys” on the video.

We cut to Sergeant Lawless arriving on the crime scene, just how we started out this season. Main difference being the cops dragging Nicki out of the bushes behind the pool.


Tasha arrives at the scene being allowed in because she is going to the Police Academy. Wtf? Never mind. We have abandoned realism a long time ago.


The video is still running in the media room.


Jenny: “You guys changed my life. Wow you really did. And I’m never gonna forget you. So thank you for everything. Okay. That’s it.”

And that is it as the gang arrives at the police station while the credits roll. Only one thought comes to mind – can’t they carpool at all? Shane, Max, Kit and Helena drive in their cars solo, the couples Bette and Tina and Tasha and Alice drive in their cars. Tight-knit group my ass. They can’t even share car space anymore.


Now the dreaded theme song makes its appearance albeit without lyrics while everyone is walking towards camera in different groupings, the last good-bye nod. Last but not least Mia Kirshner as the controversial Jenny Schecter bids us good-bye.

It doesn’t end with a bang as we had all hoped, but rather collapses into a sad little pile. Like other shows that I have been following for years until their very end – their last episode almost destroys the whole series. While I do not consider it as horrific as a lot of other people make it out to be, the final farewell could have been a lot better. A lot of people think of gay women as crazy. They usually get depicted as murderous, duplicitous and promiscuous niche characters on television. A show made for gay women by gay women should not have fueled that unfortunate mainstream misconception.

That being said, thank you Ilene Chaiken. We won’t forgive you all the crazy turns this show and its characters have taken over the past six years but we thank you for creating them and getting them on the air.


p.s. Guess I was right. Jenny did have the “Last Word”.

In closing I would like to point out that the “Last Word” on and about The L Word, the true series finale, is the special that aired with the last episode. Here we truly are leaving the series on a high note while looking back on the past six years. We are greeted by old friends long gone, revisit the ups and downs of our beloved characters and story lines and remember what an impact the show had and still has. Now that is what I call an ending.



  1. I know it is years later. but we just finished watching the entire season.
    great review. funny too, thanks. how can i find the companion piece to episode 8 season 6 you mention?

  2. Hi David,

    To be honest I can’t remember where I found it. Some lovely person must have had uploaded it somewhere. If you can find it anywhere it is definitely worth watching as the last, final chapter on The L Word. 😉

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