Posted by: Gossip Girl | March 13, 2009

Rihanna and Chris Brown Record a Duet….Together

This just in! Rihanna and Chris Brown have recorded a duet together, and this was done after he beat the crap out of her.  Now this story definitely goes into the category of “wtf!! You must be kidding me!” but it’s true,  and according to the track’s producer Polow Da Don the song is even complete.  Read more here.  The track was apparently written for Rihanna but Brown has added his abusive ass to the vocals.  Not only that but the song is slated to appear on Brown’s next album.  So much for the hope I had  that Brown’s career was over and that Rihanna would serve as a great example for abused women everywhere.

Today’s Oprah show was dedicated to the subject of domestic abuse with major focus on Brown and Rihanna’s relationship.  She and guest co-host Tyra Banks reiterated the message to Rihanna that if a man hits you once he will do it again.  One can only hope that Rihanna was listening.


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