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The End Is The Beginning Is The End (BSG ep 4.19)

The first part of the series finale two-parter “Daybreak” brings us back to the very beginning.

Somewhere in this galaxy a bird is flying up towards a glass ceiling. Somewhere on this planet water splashes into a pool. Somewhere in this atmosphere people live their lifes.

The montage of different shots will reveal its significance throughout this episode.

We’re in Caprica City, before the attack. Getting to see the beautiful city in all its splendor is a nice way of saying good-bye to this amazing show. To end it we have to go back to the beginning.

Adama is talking to a superior, reluctant to do what is asked of him. In a limousine somewhere Caprica Six asks Baltar whether he “always drink[s] and drive[s]”. To which he responds “I drink, he drives” indicating his driver. Six immediately zooms in on one of his worst flaws.


Whereas she points out she doesn’t like having to rely on others in order to not be let down. Cue a gulp of liquor and the gorgeous Caprica Six is all over Gaius Baltar.


But then the imbecile answers the phone. Who would answer the fucking phone when they have a hot n sexy lady like Caprica Six in their lap? This guy seriously needs help. As if we didn’t already know that. Turns out it was a rather important phone call and we all but see the limo turning around on screeching tires. Okay, that might have just happened in my head.

Soon-to-be-President Roslin is hosting a baby shower for her little sister. It’s good to see her among family and laughing.


Kara Thrace is cooking dinner. Lee is coming over to have dinner with her and Zack. Remember Zack, Lee’s younger brother that Kara was in love with and ultimately responsible for his death?


Zack: “I see you met my better half. And this one’s mine. Keep your hands off her.”
Kara: “And a girlfriend-stealer for a brother. Nice.”

Baltar has arrived at the emergency location. It’s his dad. He stabbed his nurse with a steak-knife cos he thinks she is stealing from him. No surprise really that said nurse is getting the hell out of there asap while Baltar offers her triple and quadruple salaries just so she stays the night. In the meantime Caprica Six experiences Baltar’s dad’s charming hospitality.

Baltar’s dad: “How bout you, love? Bet you charge a lot more than that, aye?”
Baltar: “Shut your filthy mouth. Stop being so disgusting.”
Caprica Six: “This is your father, Gaius?”
Baltar’s dad: “Not that you’d ever know it. You see Gaius is ashamed of his family. Even his accent. Stupid bastard actually changed his accent, would you believe that?”

This is one of those laugh-out-loud moments. Many fans have been pointing out Baltar’s accent throughout the show and here we go. Sophisticated Baltar actually comes from a working class family and has a farmer dad. Hilarious.

As in all good stories ups are immediately followed by downs. The hilarity makes way for tragedy. As his father continues to taunt him Baltar loses it and hits him continuously with a newspaper, yelling “shut up, shut up right now”. Cooling down enough for something resembling a conversation.

Baltar: “I’ll break it down for you, dad. You’re an obnoxious, spiteful, cantankerous old git and you’re frakking lucky you’re not living on the frakking street.”
Baltar’s dad: “Big man cursing his father. Makes you feel important, don’t it?”

Baltar asks Six to leave since he has to spent the evening with his dad now cos no one else will.


The Caprica City Police is showing up on Roslin’s doorstep. And not with good news.

Police Officer: “We’re so sorry. We have to inform you there’s been a terrible accident. Late last night your sisters and your father were all killed.”

An intoxicated driver side-swiped their car. Roslin asks them to leave, cleans up the baby shower stuff from the previous night and walks outside. Still in her jammies she walks into a pool and over to its fountain.


One of the scenes used in the opening montage. The water drops transition to drops falling in an infusion bag and we are back in the present with President Roslin dying.


The surgery on Galactica has begun. Everyone is in full dismantling mode, scrapping anything that could be useful. Even the launch tubes for the Vipers will go, the very heart of the ship. The tech crew is having a hard time with that and Lee tells them to leave it for last and “turn off the lights and let the old girl die in peace”.

Everyone, or at least the most important people, have already quarters assigned to them on the Cylon Base Ship.


I am wondering how that works since the Cylons don’t seem used to private space and their Base Ships don’t seem to be constructed to adhere to human privacy issues – doors, not too many people in the same room, etc.

Paula informs Baltar that his group holds the majority of power over the fleet now.

Paula: “Well after the blast everyone else’s numbers are down which gives us solid majority on over half the civilian ships in the fleet. No one else comes even close to having that kind of political power.”

His angel Six chimes in.

Six: “She’s right Gaius. The end times are approaching. Humanity’s final chapters are about to be written. And you – you will be its author.”


And we’re back on beautiful, not-yet-destroyed Caprica. Gaius is coming home with yet another woman. This time he likes the brunettes. But his plans are nuked (pardon the pun) by Caprica Six waiting for him.


He asks her to leave or he will “inform the authorities”. As Caprica Six gets up Baltar jumps away like a scared kitten, immediately dialing for help. She stops him dead in his tracks by saying “I found your father a new place to live”. As she pointed out at the beginning of the episode Baltar likes to have everything done for him and she exploits that weakness. With style I might add.



Back on Galactica Starbuck is still working on the meaning of Hera’s painting (the notes). That music is related to math is not an unknown concept, but seeing it laid out like this is fascinating.


Gaeta’s partner (I’m forgetting his name at the moment) spilled coffee or something on the map in CIC. Tigh is not amused and tells him “you’ll never make Admiral like that”. But the main point of the scene is to inform us that the man who actually managed to make Admiral is planning on flying the very last Viper off Galactica, so one of the launch tubes has to be left intact.

We finally find out where Tyrol’s been in the previous episode. He is in the Brigg, visited by Helo. The two have a talk about how the Cylons will never be human, they’re all alike cos the Fab Five created them and that you can’t trust them. Helo doesn’t see it that way and leaves. Wow Tyrol’s really been burnt this time.

At the Cylon Colony Hera is painting the same dot-painting for Cavil as she did for Starbuck.

Cavil: “Lots n lots n lots of dots. She’s clearly gifted.”

They want to force intravenous nutrition on her since she hasn’t eaten in days. Boomer points out she wants her mother and is shocked by Cavil’s unemotional response.

Cavil: “Well she can’t have her mother now, can she. Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to sound all soppy and soft when speaking of the child…. She is a half human, half machine object of curiosity that holds the key to our continued existence somewhere in her genetic code. So let’s get a tube in her and get her ready.”


The last pieces get stripped off Galactica including the Wall of Lost Souls. Unfortunately there are photos remaining no one is claiming.


Among them Hera’s. Who put that up there? Athena? Helo seems to hold on to the thought of maybe finding her out there still alive. Anyway, Adama takes it with him after giving it a second thought. Why the whole Wall of Lost Souls is not packed up by default is beyond me. That’s the last memory they have of so many people lost and not taking them all with them is defeating the purpose it was established for in the beginning.

Baltar is having a chat with Lee about “deserv[ing] a voice in the government” for his people given their massive influence and numbers among the fleet. At first Lee won’t even hear him out thanks to Baltar outing Starbuck’s secret in the previous episode, but then he grants him five minutes.


Adama visits Starbuck at Ander’s living grave for lack of a better term. They talk about her trying to decipher the musical pattern, but Adama shifts the conversation to what Baltar said at the funeral (see previous episode’s recap for details).

Adama: “Is it true?”
Kara: “Yeah. I found my body and I burnt it on Earth. I don’t know what I am.”

Adama wants to ask Anders a question and asks Kara whether she knows how to “plug him in”. Disturbing. That phrase is just disturbing. Adama takes her arm as she is about to plug Anders in.


As Anders is coming to life again in the Cylon bath we transition to him in a tub on Caprica getting interviewed for the Sports Channel.

Anders: “What matters to me is the perfect throw. Okay? Making the perfect catch, the perfect step and block. It’s perfection. It’s what it’s about. It’s about those moments when you – when you can feel the perfection of creation. The beauty of physics, the wonder of mathematics, you know. The elation of action and reaction and that’s the kind of perfection I want to be connected to.”


Back on Galactica Human-Hybrid-Anders is uttering his usual gibberish.


Human-Hybrid-Anders: “Spins and turns, angles and curves. The shape of dreams, half remembered. Slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of perfection – a perfect face, perfect lace. Find the perfect world for the end of Kara Thrace. End of line.”

Lee and Baltar have their heart-to-heart. Baltar points out that with the end of Galactica ends what has been before. It is a new start and he wants to help make it a good one. He requests a voice for his people in the new government. Given he speaks for thousands of thousands of people and there not even being 40 000 humans in total I’d say he speaks for a rather huge percentage. But giving that group a separate voice will only spark jealousy from others and soon they will need a law stating how large a group has to be in order to get a seat on the Quorum. I smell trouble.

Guess Lee is with me on that. He is not having any of what Baltar is saying, pointing out that nothing Baltar has ever done has not also served himself as well.


We flash back to a drunken Lee coming home on Caprica, wreaking havoc in his house in order to get a dove out. That scene was also used in the beginning montage.

On the hangar deck everyone is staring at Adama and Starbuck putting down some red tape on the floor. Then the Admiral starts making a speech about Hera having been abducted and that at first he thought a rescue mission would be impractical. But he realized he was wrong.


The content of his speech travels like rapid fire through Galactica, sparking all kinds of discussion as to why he changed his mind and where he got his info from. And since when does talking to Anders get you any information that is not gibberish? Who would have thought learning gibberish would come in handy one day.

The Fab Five are onboard – guess someone will have to let Tyrol out of the Brigg – and Lee relays the request for volunteers (looks like the start of one mighty phone tree).


Lee: “Any man or woman over the age of 15. And the Admiral also wants to inform our colonial officers and crewmen incarcerated after the recent mutiny.”

In CIC Tigh informs the bridge crew.

Tigh: “Everyone has to make their own choice and they have to do it in person. The old man is waiting on the hangar deck….. Move! Do you know what you’re gonna do? …. Take your time, it takes approximately four minutes to get down there.”

Helo can’t believe it’s finally happening. He is all gung-ho. Understandably. Athena is more pessimistic.


Back on Caprica with Roslin, three months after the accident. She is on the phone with someone who wants her to join Ador’s Presidential campaign.


Roslin: “I don’t care. – Because I don’t like politics to begin with and a national campaign is just so urghh…”

Hilarious. She doesn’t like politics. Somehow that person on the phone must have convinced her or we wouldn’t have had her as President. Back in sick bay Roslin puts on her wig and starts walking while everyone is assembled on the hangar deck, listening to the Admiral.


Adama: “No one should feel obligated to join this mission in any way. This is a decision I have made for myself. If it turns out that there are not enough personnel to crew Galactica I will lead a Raptor assault with anyone who is willing to join me. Let there be no illusions. This is likely to be a one way trip so don’t volunteer out of sentiment or emotion. There is a line running down this deck. Volunteers move to the starboard side. Everyone else to the port.”


No one is moving so Adama yells “Make your choice”. This feels like one of these hot spot games where you have to quickly decide where to stand in order to win a price. Lee, Ellen and Tigh are the first to move to the starboard side. Adama stops Cottle cos “we can’t afford to lose a doctor”.


Tyrol and Tori move starboard as does a Six. That sparks Baltar to think about maybe doing the right thing. Or maybe just hanging his head in shame.


Then Roslin appears.


Roslin: “You didn’t think to go on off without me, did you Admiral?”
Adama: “Never crossed my mind, Madam President.”

End result.


Based on the coordinates from Anders their recon Raptor immediately found the Cylon Colony. Turns out it is well placed in orbit around a black hole singularity. And interestingly enough there is only one safe spot for Galactica to jump in and out of. Right on top of the colony. Tigh points out the major problem with that.

Tigh: “You can bet that they will have every gun in that colony pointed at that parking spot of yours.”
Lee: “That’s what I’d do. Leave only one way in and out. And make it impossible to get past the gates.”
Adama: “Alright. Let’s get to work.”




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