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The Weekly Breakdown (April 05)

The Weekly Breakdown is one of our columns in which I summarize the stories, news and events of the past week that caught my attention. From big announcements to small details about films, television shows, games etc this is the big cleanup of my vault of things worth mentioning that I haven’t posted yet.

If you have any news items that you think would fit our blog feel free to email us (check ABOUT for email address). Now onto the content of this weeks The Weekly Breakdown

This week in The Weekly Breakdown:
Fox News blogger fired over Wolverine review, new Avatar tagline revealed, Uwe Boll’s new film Janjaweed, the Xena team is back with new project Spartacus, we’ll lose a Hero[es] before the end of the season and all Susan’s exes visit Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives this season.

Fox News blogger fired over Wolverine review?

Piracy can get you into a lot of trouble. Reviewing a pirated copy of a film can get you fired. Fox News entertainment blogger Roger Friedman did just that and now he is no longer working at his former job. The outcry from other bloggers and the fan community is even worse than the I-don’t-care-about-the-Watchmen-press-embargo review by Matt Selman (we reported on that here).

“, which posted a screen grab of Friedman’s item, echoed the sentiments of many bloggers when it wrote: ‘Where does come up with the balls to publish a review of an unfinished illegal copy of a film their sister company is so desperately trying to squelch the existence of?'”

Read an article about the whole mess over at Variety.

New Avatar tagline revealed:

At the Opening Day Luncheon for ShoWest, which was sponsored by IMAX, the 3D theater group unfortunately didn’t show any footage from James Cameron’s latest project, but at least gave us a new tagline for the anticipated film:

“An All New World Awaits”

Avatar tells the story of an ex-Marine, thrust unwillingly into an effort to settle and exploit an exotic planet rich in bio-diversity, who eventually crosses over to lead the indigenous race in a battle for survival.

Cameron’s sci-fi action-adventure opens December 18 and stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Peter Mensah, Laz Alonso, Wes Studi, Stephen Lang and Matt Gerald.

The first trailer and maybe a teaser poster is expected to hit theaters with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in May.

Oh no, Uwe Boll gets to do another one:

The latest project by THE man that should never ever be allowed to make another film, not even a 2 minute one, will be back with yet another project, blaspheming our theater screens. The waste of celluloid is called Janjaweed and Boll’s latest victims include: Edward Furlong, Billy Zane and Kristanna Loken.

You can read all of the so far sparse info on the project over at Variety.

Lucy Lawless to star in Spartacus:

The Xena team is back with a new project. According to Variety Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi are masterminding their new project Spartacus, with Tapert’s wife Lucy Lawless signed on as the proprietor of a camp for gladiators in the new series. Australian actor Andy Whitfield will play the title role. The project, which goes into production in April, is set to premiere in January 2010.

A Hero dies this season:

Before the season is over Sylar will kill a hero that has been on the show from season one. And this one won’t return. Ausiello writes:

“Sylar kills a regular Hero that’s been on the show since Season 1. And it sticks.”

Susan’s exes congregate on Wisteria Lane:

First we hear from Ausiello that Jackson will be back. Gale Harold returns to Desperate Housewives after his accident for the May 3 episode. Seems like all of Susan’s exes will return for the last few episodes this season. Ausiello hints at:

“All I’ll say is the redhead in question will start spending a lot of time with one of Susan’s exes. Hint: He’s the one you go to when you want a divorce, not when you want your toilet fixed.”



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