Posted by: da_nibbler | April 9, 2009

How The Republic Could Have Been Saved

<- Padme with a lightsaber? Padme as a Jedi? Okay, that wasn’t part of any of Lucas’ original Star Wars films, but maybe it should have been. That would have been a better choice than let the strong female lead succumb to basically being only a breeding container for the Jedi’s and Galaxy’s future and then die of a broken heart.

Instead she could have been like in the pic above, facing her fallen hubbie and giving him a spanking he wouldn’t soon forget. Or even better, do what the two lady Jedi do in this vid I found on youtube. If more, or all, of the Jedi had been female and fighting like this (see below) I’m sure the Clones wouldn’t have turned on them (at least not so easily). Definitely check out their fighting style:


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