Posted by: da_nibbler | April 12, 2009

The Weekly Breakdown (April 12)

Welcome back to The Weekly Breakdown, one of our columns in which I summarize the stories, news and events of the past week that caught my attention. From big announcements to small little tidbits about films, television shows, games etc this is the big cleanup of my vault of things worth mentioning that I haven’t posted yet.

If you have any news items that you think would fit our blog feel free to email us (check ABOUT for email address). Now onto the content of this weeks The Weekly Breakdown

This week in The Weekly Breakdown:
Three Star Trek clips and reactions to the surprising preview of the new film, is Angelina Jolie really A Dame to Kill For, is the new Tron going to be the most expensive film yet, several weddings on Desperate Housewives plus a funny vid starring Jack Black.

Star Trek sneak preview reactions plus three new clips:

Fans that went to see The Wrath of Khan at Austin’s Fantastic Fest got a big surprise. Not only did they get to see Leonard Nimoy, but Paramount treated them to the very first sneak peek at the new Star Trek film directed by J. J. Abrams. The reactions so far have been upbeat. Variety has all the scoop.

To tide the rest of us over until we get to see the latest Star Trek film three new clips made it online this past week. Check ’em out:

Shot at Love

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Disease and Danger

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Warp Speed Beam

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Is Angelina Jolie really A Dame to Kill For?

Moviehole is reporting that Angelina Jolie’s talks are heating up once again for her to play the character in the Sin City sequel based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel A Dame to Kill For.

“According to a rather high-profile producer friend, Angelina Jolie is now in “serious talks” – as opposed to merely being mentioned as a possibility, or having a casual coffee with the filmmakers to suss out her interest – to star in director Robert Rodr[i]guez’s Sin City 2.”

“Jolie would play the iniquitous Ava, the lead character in Miller’s A Dame to Kill For story. She’s the former flame of clean-living photographer Dwight McCarthy, and shows up and professes her love for him. When he finds out she’s in way over her head, it looks as though trouble has found him. And he’d be right.”

More on that as we get it.

New Tron to be the most expensive film yet?

Not too long ago Time Magazine started the whole “most expensive” trend again by reporting on James Cameron’s Avatar supposedly going to come in with a budget in excess of $300 million dollars. Unfortunately Time Magazine had to amend the article:

“The original version of this story misstated the cost of the film Avatar as being in excess of $300 million. The correct figure is in excess of $200 million.”

That whole “most expensive” trend has recently been picked up by the Vancouver Sun reporting on the Tron sequel currently in production in Vancouver as having a “whopping $300 million budget”:

“Vancouver post-production units are salivating at the prospects presented by the Disney remake of Tron, which carries a whopping $300 million budget and opportunities aplenty for effects and digital polish. The 1982 version of the film starring Jeff Bridges blazed new trails in computer graphics and you can bet Tron 2.0 will push much further down the pixel path.”

No official word yet whether these numbers are correct. But “most expensive” game has started again.

Several weddings on Desperate Housewives?

Ausiello always has the latest tv scoop. This time in video format. Among other things he brings up the possibility of several weddings happening on Desperate Housewives at the end of its season. Check it out here.

Funny vid starring Jack Black:

If this video doesn’t give you a chuckle, maybe a laugh or two and get you in the mood spending Easter Sunday with your family and loved ones I don’t know what else to do. It surely will make you stay away from your beloved gaming console(s) a bit longer than you might have thought. Or maybe not. Check out how Jack Black turns on an X-Box. HAPPY EASTER!


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