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The Weekly Breakdown (April 19)

Welcome back to The Weekly Breakdown, one of our columns in which I summarize the stories, news and events of the past week that caught my attention. From big announcements to small little tidbits about films, television shows, games etc this is the big cleanup of my vault of things worth mentioning that I haven’t posted yet.

If you have any news items that you think would fit our blog feel free to email us (check ABOUT for email address). Now onto the content of this weeks The Weekly Breakdown

This week in The Weekly Breakdown:
Harry Potter
moved up two days, new Star Trek coming earlier as planned, second Transformers film supposed to be “awesome”, “elliptical” ending for Terminator Salvation, Tintin set photo, Jackson and del Toro on The Hobbit, 24 is moving to the Big Apple and HBO greenlights 2008 election film.

New Harry Potter film moved up two days:

Warner Bros. has moved Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince up by two days from Friday, July 17th to Wednesday, July 15th.

Traditionally Warner Bros. releases its summer blockbusters on a Wednesday, but had scheduled the latest installment of the Harry Potter franchise for a Friday. Now all is back to normal and we get two days less wait.

Star Trek coming earlier as planned:

Like Harry Potter the new Star Trek film will also graze our screens earlier than expected. Although not two days earlier, but just mere hours. There’s no need to wait until midnight on May 8 to see J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, as shows for the anticipated Paramount release will start at 7 pm on May 7!

New Transformers is “awesome”:

According to Steven Spielberg, the film’s executive producer, that is. Or at least that’s what Michael Bay says he said. Confused enough? Let me try and clear things up.

Bay posted the following on his site,

“Steven Spielberg sat next to me in a big 100 person theater at Sony today. There were 98 empty seats. The lights came up after we just watched my cut of Revenge of the Fallen. He turned to me and said “It’s awesome”. He felt this movie was better then the first – and probably my best, who knows – at this point in a movie you start to lose your objectivity. I just hope the fans like it. I’m going to start putting it in front of audiences in a few weeks – no you are not invited, yet.”

“We have 60 days left. Let me tell you it will be a race to finish. It’s 12 at night and we are still working here in the edit room. Everyone at ILM and DD are killing themselves right now, they are doing a stellar job on the effects. We also just finished our trailer which is coming out with Wolverine. Talk to you soon.”

Take that as you may. I am not a Transformers fan after seeing the first film, but will check out the second one nonetheless. Bay knows why he hires Megan Fox. That’s all I’m saying.

“[E]lliptical” ending for Terminator Salvation:

Got this from MTV:

“This arc will be left open with the ending of ‘Salvation‘, which will point to a ‘Terminator 5‘ film. ‘The ending is indeed elliptical,’ McG told us. ‘And it challenges the audience. It’s not a happy little bow of an ending at all. The ending is tough and requires reflection, and in some degrees it bifurcates the audience. You walk back to the car and one person thinks it means this, and the other person thinks it means that.'”

The whole point of a crazy Terminator Salvation ending is that this film is supposed to be re-launching the Terminator franchise by starting a new trilogy of Terminator films. This has always been the plan, and the only thing holding back a Terminator 5 film from being utter certainty now is the ever so slim possibility that Terminator Salvation will tank at the BO. Let’s just hope it’s not like at the end of the first Lord of the Rings, where it totally stops in the middle of the story. Cos that would suck majorly, no matter how much warning you have in advance.

First look at the Tintin set:

Empire Magazine had the chance recently to take a look at Stephen Spielberg’s and Peter Jackson’s next project, Tintin. Jamie Bell, who Jackson has worked with on King Kong, will play Tintin and Andy Serkis, who Jackson has worked with on several projects, will play Captain Haddock. Empire Magazine has a photo of Bell, Serkis, Jackson and Spielberg on their website.

(copyright Empire Magazine)

Titled Secret of the Unicorn, the first in the series of 3D motion capture films based on the iconic character created by Herge is due for release in 2011. The film stars Bell as Tintin, the intrepid young reporter whose relentless pursuit of a good story thrusts him into a world of high adventure, and Daniel Craig as the nefarious Red Rackham. Bell and Craig are joined by an international cast that includes Serkis, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Gad Elmaleh, Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook.

Spielberg directs while Jackson produces. They will switch jobs for the second installment.

Jackson and Del Toro on The Hobbit:

Empire Magazine has it all. Jackson, take two. This time with partner Guillermo Del Toro on The Hobbit and its sequel. The second film will not be bridging the 60-year gap between The Hobbit and the start of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, as was previously rumored:

“We’ve decided to have ‘The Hobbit‘ span the two movies, including the White Council and the comings and goings of Gandalf to Dol Guldur, says Del Toro.”

24 moving to New York:

Jack Bauer and his entourage will be relocating to the Big Apple for their next season – at least on screen. Ausiello reported this week on the move. Check out the deets here.

HBO gives go for 2008 election film:

Just a few weeks in the White House and already a film in the works. Granted the film is not just about the Obamas, but since then Senator Obama won by a landslide he will no doubt figure prominently in the film.

According to Variety the film will be based on soon-to-be-released book Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime by political writers Mark Halperin and John Heilemann.

“Focusing on those characters went to the essence of why this was the campaign of a lifetime, not just for the candidates, but for the country,” Halperin said.

“It’s funny to call Obama and Hillary characters, but that’s how I have to look at them,” Leavitt said. “To me, the primary was one of the greatest title fights of the century, and John and Mark have a treasure chest of anecdotes and inside stories. I think it will present itself almost like a stage play, like ‘Frost/Nixon‘ or ‘The Queen‘.”


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