Posted by: da_nibbler | April 20, 2009

Third Langdon Film Already In The Works

According to Variety Columbia Pictures is already prepping the third installment of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon franchise. The as yet unreleased book titled The Lost Symbol will be published in the US and Canada on September 15. The story of the book takes place during a twelve-hour period.

The Da Vinci Code kicked off the film series successfully in May 2006 and will be followed by Angels & Demons on May 15. The two films were both directed by Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.

Seems like the success or failure of Angels & Demons won’t mean anything to the third installment. Whether that’s good or bad remains to be seen. Fans of Brown’s Da Vinci Code have voiced disappointment with the Ron Howard directed film. While Brown’s book Angels & Demons didn’t have the same impact and effect on readers as The Da Vinci Code it might be less scrutinized, but Brown’s vivid writing gives Howard a run for his money trying to capture it on film.

Book and film are two different media formats. Hard to translate from one to the other. Just look at The Lord of the Rings, the by far best book adaptation to date. But even that one didn’t come without its flaws. As long as we understand that the book can never be like the film and vice versa we can appreciate both for what they are. I know I am looking forward to the Angels & Demons film and can’t wait to get my hands on Brown’s The Lost Symbol when it’s released. Just too much good entertainment to pass up.

You can read the official book announcement at author Dan Brown’s official website.


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