Posted by: da_nibbler | April 21, 2009

Spoiler for ‘Terminator Salvation’

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about his much rumored cameo in McG’s Terminator Salvation. According to The Los Angeles Times Arnold Schwarzenegger told blogger Bill Bradley that he had met with director McG and agreed to be in the film as long as he didn’t have to perform.

“I made it very clear that I don’t have the time to do the movie,” he said. “I said that I would be willing to be in the movie if they get the technology together, and so they are working on that right now…. I think it’s cool to continue on with the franchise… in case I want to jump over again and get into the acting after I’m through here.”

Bit of a SPOILER there for Terminator Salvation. Read on at your own peril!

Schwarzenegger would be in a brief scene in which John Connor, played by Christian Bale, encounters him as a “future Terminator” according to the governor.

You can read the whole article over at The LA Times.


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