Posted by: da_nibbler | April 22, 2009

‘Ugly Betty’ Back Early

According to Variety Ugly Betty will return earlier than planned thanks to the disappointing numbers of Motherhood and Samantha at ABC. Instead of the May 7 return we now get our favorite chubb back on April 30. Y’all may rejoice. I know I am. I missed the Scottish lady, that will leave the show at the end of the season, and the comedy duo of gay guy Mark St. James and crazy fashion victim Amanda.

But wait, there is more. On top of getting one of ABC‘s topliners back early we also have some interesting casting news.

Okay, the less exciting one first. Ausiello writes “that polar-opposite View hostesses Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck will play themselves in the May 21 season finale. Here’s the set-up: Daniel is invited to appear as a guest to discuss the latest issue of Mode magazine… or so he thinks. The ladies quickly turn the tables and start grilling him about his dying girlfriend.”

Now onto the interesting one. Guess who’s back? HENRY! Yes, Betty’s Henry will make an appearance in the season finale. If you were wondering what the “Ugly” is doing in the series title just wait til you hear Ausiello‘s scoop:

“Betty runs into Henry and his new girlfriend Chloe (played by Gossip Girl’s Dream Walker) in the Big Apple. To prove to themselves that they’ve moved on, Betty and Henry agree to go on a double date to a Mets game with their respective significant others. Good times, right? Not exactly…”

Could get “Ugly” indeed. I can’t wait.


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