Posted by: da_nibbler | April 26, 2009

Six Doe Will Be Back May 10!

Six Doe, short for Six Degrees Of Everything, will be on hiatus for a bit as I am moving. I should be back into blogging and reporting as soon as I get settled and my internet connection is working. May 10 should be the latest I will resume my activities of blogging about films, tv shows, trailers, reviews, games and whatever else attracts my attention. Don’t forget to watch X-Men Origins – Wolverine and especially the new Star Trek. I have heard that one is absolutely worth seeing.

Be Back In A Bit


p.s. before I forget, here are some tidbits I can’t keep to myself:

Ugly Betty was picked up for another season by ABC.

– Evan Rachel Wood will appear on the next season of True Blood (article).

– New Trailer for Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist is online here.

– Rose Byrne (from Damages) is in the new film Adam. Check out the trailer.


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