Posted by: da_nibbler | May 27, 2009

Hello And Goodbye

Don’t worry, folks. This is not me saying goodbye to blogging and all of you (yes, imagining thousands of readers a week is how I cope, thank you very much). This is me welcoming new TV shows into my life, cheersing the old ones staying around and saying a final farewell to the ones no longer with us. As always with my posts it will only concern the shows I actually watch and/or care about. So don’t view this as the penultimate, all inclusive overview of the TV landscape for 2009. You have been warned.

Let’s start on a more negative note and look at the ones that have left us first.

For everyone who’s been following my Battlestar Galactica episode recaps you already know how hard it hit me that this awesome show is over. It wasn’t canceled – unlike other shows I shall talk about below – but had the chance to run it’s course. It’s spinoff prequel series Caprica will start airing early 2010 on the Sci Fi Channel if all goes well. No matter what I think of the already released pilot I shall tune in for the series.

The L Word has also ended its run of six seasons on Showtime earlier this year. Unfortunately the proposed spinoff The Farm was a no go for Showtime as we reported previously.

New series Kings was a total blast (and not in a good way!) and got axed almost immediately. The last two episodes will air in the next few weeks and that was it.

Life has been canceled as well unfortunately. After a great first season the second just couldn’t keep up. Not even seeing Sarah Shahi naked (okay, the full view was blocked, thanks camera guy) helped boost the ratings. The ups and downs of the shows second season warrant their own post. More on that some other day. Shame Life is dead. I will miss having Sarah Shahi in my living-room on a weekly basis.

After finally being able to catch up with the second season of Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles I have to admit I am not sad to see it go (T – TSCC canceled). Am quite glad actually. I watch way too much TV and having this off my DVR only frees up my time for better things. Like some of the new shows I’m watching. The only thing that kept me watching was Lena Headey. And like Sarah Shahi it will be a real bummer not seeing her on a weekly basis. But not even she could elevate the crap that was Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles to a watchable level. Shame. Lena Headey and Sarah Shahi should be in a series together. I would like to add Summer Glau, but seems like Joss Whedon already called dibs on her, with Dollhouse having been renewed and all.

Oh yeah, speaking of Dollhouse – let’s get onto the more interesting and positive topic of shows-that-have-been-renewed-no-matter-how-unlikely-it-seemed. And the most interesting contender in that category is/was – Dollhouse. At long last (and maybe thanks to a rather vigilant online campaign) Fox renewed Dollhouse. And already Joss Whedon is talking about bringing Summer Glau from the recently canceled Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles onto the show. Thanks Joss. Great idea. Could you do the same with Lena Headey please? I would like to see her again on a tv show. Make it happen, dude. Make it happen.

Miracles do happen. Despite low ratings new quirky office comedy series Better Off Ted was renewed after going on hiatus after only airing seven episodes. The unaired season one episodes will make up the first six episodes of the show’s second season.

Party Down, a catering comedy series on Starz, has also been renewed for a second season, which quite surprised me. I had given up on the show after only four episodes despite Jane Lynch being one of the main cast. Having by now seen the second half of its first season I am still surprised it was renewed. Although it had gotten better it is still nothing I would recommend to anyone.

Other shows renewed include: 24, 30 Rock, CSI, Damages, Dexter, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Lost, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Ugly Betty.


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