Posted by: da_nibbler | May 28, 2009

‘Inglourious Basterds’ Back To The Editing Room?

Inglourious Basterds screened at the Cannes Film Festival despite the reported power outage due to the strike by electricity workers at EDF. Unaffected by delayed and canceled screenings Quentin Tarantino’s latest flick premiered positively with the crowd.

The early buzz was rather positive:

Empire: “Rather brilliant. Every bit as idiosyncratic as the spelling of its title, it’s a wonderfully-acted movie that subverts expectation at every turn. And it may represent the most confident, audacious writing and directing of QT’s career.” …  “Some of his Grindhouse flourishes – large captions stamped on screen, the usual flirting with structure and chronology, offbeat musical cues (a David Bowie track shows up at one point) and the sudden introduction of a hip narrator (Samuel L. Jackson) – may irk some”

If you’re not already rolling your eyes at all that praise below are some more reactions from entertainment venues that were lucky enough to see the film:

TotalFilm: “Not only did I love every minute, if the French projectionist wanted to cue it up and roll it again from the start, I would have sat through the whole film again, with the biggest grin on my face. This is Quentin’s best film since Jackie Brown. It might even be his best film since Pulp Fiction.” …”QT’s magpie eye has never been sharper, swooping down on Italian cinema and plucking the very best shots, framing and music to create a deserving homage to the spaghetti westerns of my youth.”

Variety: “By turns surprising, nutty, windy, audacious and a bit caught up in its own cleverness, the picture is a completely distinctive piece of American pop art with a strong Euro flavor that’s new for the director.”

Among the mostly positive buzz were some less exhilarated comments, but so far nothing full on negative. So it came as quite a surprise for me when I heard that Universal apparently asked the filmmaker to re-edit his war extravaganza before its worldwide release on August 21.

From Variety: “Brad and Angelina seemed happy, as did an ebullient Quentin Tarantino, although TWC’s 50/50 partner on the picture, Universal, UPDATE: is talking to the filmmaker about returning to the editing room post-Cannes to make some trims edits that might include adding a scene, says Tarantino, who reminds that the film, at two hours 27 minutes, is well under his contractual final cut length of two hours 48 minutes.”

After reading the review over at Variety which states “[the film] only fully finds its tonal footing about halfway through, after which it’s off to the races” I am all for a trim of the first and an adding to the second half. Either way I can’t wait to lay eyes on Tarantino’s latest masterpiece myself come August. Just get my expectations in check after the Grindhouse debacle. Not that Grindhouse was a shit film, but it just didn’t live up to my expectations. Even a genius like Tarantino creates a dud sooner or later. Mark your calendars for August 21!


  1. judging by the trailer, it looks like Inglourious Basterds will be loaded with some awesome one (or two) -liners

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