Posted by: da_nibbler | June 3, 2009

My Summer Movie List

A friend of mine asked me yesterday what films are coming up and as per usual I totally blanked. I always lose track of all the films I want to watch especially during blockbuster summer. So I thought I’d update the list I made previously.

Not saying that all the films on my list below are purely blockbusters (gosh, that would be boring), but I’m sure the majority is.

Okay, so here is my list, let’s see what’s in it: Legend: Bold = Must-See; Italic = Maybe

June 05, 2009:

Downloading Nancy
The Hangover

June 12, 2009:

The Taking Of Pelham 123

June 19, 2009:

The Proposal

June 24, 2009:

Transformers – Revenge Of The Fallen (Megan Fox – nuff said!)

June 26, 2009:

The Hurt Locker
My Sister’s Keeper

July 1, 2009:

Ice Age 3 – Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Public Enemies

July 10, 2009:


July 15, 2009:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

July 17, 2009:

(500) Days Of Summer

July 29, 2009:

Adam (Rose Byrne – nuff said!)

July 31, 2009:

Funny People

August 7, 2009:

Julie & Julia
G. I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra

August 14, 2009:

District 9
A Perfect Getaway

August 21, 2009:

Inglourious Basterds

August 28, 2009:

The Boat That Rocked

September 04, 2009:


September 09, 2009:


September 11, 2009:

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

September 18, 2009:

Jennifer’s Body

September 25, 2009:




  1. I’m counting down the days until the new Tarantino flick comes out !!!

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