Posted by: da_nibbler | June 9, 2009

‘Just Cause 2’ Looks Like a Must-Have

Although I hardly have the time to play computer or console games I keep a pretty close look at what is coming up and out. Yesterday I found two gameplay vids on youtube from the upcoming Just Cause 2 and within a minute I knew I would have to get this game.

It looks fab, is a shooter and the stuff you can do is just amazing. Regular base-jumping anyone? I was totally game for that game (LOL) immediately. Bummer that you and me will have to wait til next year for it to come out. Keep your fingers crossed that it won’t be on the list of games to be scrubbed. Too many good ones will never, or at least not in the near future, see the light of day. Damn you economy! Let me bring you up from such a sad note with the aforementioned two gameplay vids. Enjoy below:


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