Posted by: da_nibbler | June 18, 2009

Weaving Not Aboard ‘The Hobbit’ Yet

Seems what we reported a few days ago turned out not to be entirely true. Director Guillermo Del Toro mentioned in a recent radio interview that Andy Serkis, Ian McKellen and Hugo Weaving would reprise their roles from The Lord of the Rings trilogy for the director’s latest endeavour The Hobbit.

According to an interview Hugo Weaving gave to Moviehole the actor is interested in the role, but has not been spoken to yet.

“I knew that if and when it happened I’d get a call and we’d chat about it, but I haven’t spoken to anyone about it. Someone said to me ‘I hear you’re doing the Hobbit?’ I said ‘Well, um, probably’, they said “No, no. you’ve signed on’. I haven’t actually talked to anyone about it. Doesn’t mean I won’t be doing it, [I’m] just not onboard yet.”

The first of the two Hobbit films is scheduled to be released December 2011 followed by the second installment December 2012.


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