Posted by: da_nibbler | July 23, 2009

SDCC: ‘Resident Evil – Afterlife’ In 3D!

ShockTillYouDrop had a chance to talk to Paul W.S. Anderson, who revealed that Resident Evil – Afterlife will be released in 3D! As if that isn’t enough to have us salivating, he does put icing on the cake – the new film will kick-off a new trilogy! In desperate need of CPR now. Maybe by Milla Jovovich? Okay, enough is enough.

Anderson, who is writing the script (we reported) and will direct, said that the fourth film in the franchise will have the largest budget of all the films so far.

Milla Jovovich will of course return as Alice when Afterlife hit theaters September 17, 2010. You can also expect some returning characters from the previous films and new characters from the video games.



  1. you said “September 17, 2010” but i saw a movie preview of it already & it says september 10th.

  2. as you can tell by the date this was posted in July 2009. things change in almost a year šŸ˜‰

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