Posted by: da_nibbler | July 27, 2009

New ‘King Kong’ Film Coming?’

According to Variety Spirit Pictures is looking to breathe new life into the King Kong legend with a project initially developed by effects legend Ray Harryhausen.

Producers at the company have picked up the rights to the book “Kong: King of Skull Island”, a prequel to the well-known tale of the big ape.

Written by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland, the book focuses on the backstory of Skull Island and how the giant gorilla became king there. It introduces other giant gorillas and dinosaurs only hinted at in the previous films. The book was published at the same time Peter Jackson was producing his remake of King Kong.

The plan is to produce the film using motion-capture technology such as Robert Zemeckis used to make The Polar Express, Beowulf and the upcoming Disney‘s A Christmas Carol.

Andy Briggs is working on the script.


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