Posted by: da_nibbler | August 14, 2009

First Official ‘Avatar’ Photo

First released unofficially, but after a short check-in with 20th Century Fox it seems the pic in question was released to various magazines this week, so no problem with posting it online. Major thanks to SlashFilm for that.

So what exactly are we seeing in this photo?

Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully a paraplegic war veteran, who gets the opportunity to travel to another planet, Pandora, to work with a mining operation. Because the planet is so harsh, traditional armor and envirosuit solutions are not good enough to protect miners, and a clone program has developed in which DNA from humans and Na’vi, the natives that inhabit Pandora, are combined. The result is essentially a cloned Na’vi that can house the consciousness of an individual with human DNA. This means that Jake will be able to walk again. The photo shows Sully in front of the tank that houses his Avatar.

And don’t forget about Avatar Day, the special 15-minute-preview 20th Century Fox will be holding on August 21. Tickets can be obtained at participating theaters. Avatar is scheduled to hit theaters on December 18, 2009.


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