Posted by: da_nibbler | August 22, 2009

‘Avatar’ Day

People all over the world – well, in the areas that hosted Avatar Day – were flocking to 3D and Imax 3D theaters yesterday to get a first look at almost 20 minutes of preview footage for James Cameron’s Avatar.

I was lucky enough to grab 4 tickets for the 3D screening in my town and boy were my friends glad I shared those little paper stubs with them. We’re all counting down the days til December 18 to see all of the breathtaking extravaganza simply called Avatar.

While the 3D didn’t wow me any more than some of the other 3D films I have seen so far, the visuals are astounding. The photorealistic blue Na’vi totally blew me away. When Jake gets connected to his Avatar you truly believe that big, blue thing is a living breathing entity. The facial expressions were brilliant and you could even see the difference in Avatar-hosts through those facial expressions when we see Jake and Dr. Augustine (played by Sigourney Weaver) together in their Avatars. So much detail yet you never feel as if you’re watching a CG-fest.

We got to see some great action sequences when Jake’s Avatar encounters the indigenous wildlife. All the running, jumping and chasing didn’t feel like watching animated characters. Everything looked real and grounded.

Quite surprisingly the dialogue (as much as there was) was great as well. In a scene where Dr. Augustine readies Jake for his first Avatar connection these two have a serious blow of egos and both hold their ground. Let’s hope that there will be more of that in the film as well.

Back to the aforementioned 3D not overly impressing me. When I was looking where the action was the 3D was great. But as soon as I started scanning the whole frame I had some issues. Whatever was in the utmost foreground or on the edges of the frame seemed to flicker, for lack of a better word. It was almost like a too heavy added motion blur for more realism that unfortunately made everything flicker and blurry. Not much of an issue if you are clearly following the film and not scanning every frame like an art-print.

Overall Avatar Day was a big success. People were clapping when it was over and we stood and talked for at least an hour afterward with a couple of peeps. There was not a single person who wasn’t already wishing for Christmas.


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