Posted by: da_nibbler | September 10, 2009

‘Chaos Theory’, ‘The Eye’ & ‘Young People Fucking’

inshortBalance has been achieved… for now. While I had the worst movie day a few days ago (read older blog post for reference) I am in the process of achieving balance with a good movie day today. I’m not quite balanced yet since it wasn’t THE BEST! (as opposed to THE WORST!), but seems like I’m getting there.

So what did you watch today? Tell us. TELL US!
Okay I’ll tell you.

This time on InShort:
Chaos Theory, The Eye and Young People Fucking.

Chaos Theory

I started my boring evening of with Chaos Theory, which is a nice little film starring Ryan Reynolds (who I usually only remember cos he was in Blade III with Jessica Biel). The film is about how easily and quickly your life can turn around without you even doing anything. Basically it’s about how life smacks you in the head with a baseball bat and how people cope with it. The Chaos Theory comes into play when the lead character, who always plans out everything through list-making, takes on a different approach to life – writing different options onto cue cards and then letting chance decide on his next course of action. Hence Chaos Theory. Well worth renting in my opinion.


The Eye

Next was The Eye starring Jessica Alba. Now before you get your hopes up I only watched the American remake of the Japanese horror film and unfortunately the only good thing is Jessica Alba starring in it. Cheap scares, a predictable story and lengthy, repetitive passages don’t really make for a good film-night. At least not in my house. Only watch this if you’re a die-hard Jessica Alba fan. All others try and avoid it!


Young People Fucking

The final film was one I was looking forward to see at the theater. A “little” Canadian film called Young People Fucking, written and directed by Stargate Atlantis writer Martin Gero (which I only realized after the credits started rolling). This is a very interesting film, chronicling one night for five different pairings of young people trying to have sex. It’s made up like a documentary or instructional film, separated into several passages. The film goes from Prelude over Foreplay and Sex to Interlude, Orgasm and Afterglow. That should give you a pretty good idea of what you’ll see.
The acting is great. I had never seen any of these actors in anything else before. If you don’t mind seeing people have sex on screen go and rent this now! Oh and Carly Pope is fucking hot.


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