Posted by: da_nibbler | January 17, 2010

Review: ‘Precious’

Powerful source material in the hands of a gifted director combined with a brilliant and daring cast make Precious THE standout film of 2009. This gutwrenching story will take you on an emotional journey of disgust, sadness, shock, anger, hopelessness, awe, wonder, happiness, hope and inspiration.

Precious lives in her head. Living out in the world, living her real life would be too painful. She has to deal with cruelty at school, constant abuse by her mother, who treats her like a slave and beats her, and expecting her second child at the age of sixteen by her own father. She has never known love, only abuse and violence.

Whenever we think the worst is over life throws Precious another curveball. If not for the help and support of a few special people in her life her story would have gone another way. But in the end it is Precious‘ unrelenting spirit and strength that help her to go on.

There is no standout performance here. Everyone is brilliant. And I am not even exaggerating. Starting with newcomer Sidibe, who plays Precious in such a heartbreaking and powerful way that I was having a hard time separating the character from the actress. Comedian Mo’Nique plays Precious‘ abusive mom, who is more concerned about losing her man than said man’s abuse of her own daughter. Paula Patton plays Precious‘ teacher Miss Rain, who more than anyone else helps put Precious on the right track. The support and love that woman has for this beaten poor girl is at first rebuffed and only met by Precious‘ social worker, played in a hard to recognize role by Mariah Carey. These two women manage to turn Precious‘ life around, not because they have to but because they truly care.

A sickening and inspiring story. No Matter what cards life dealt her, she played them.


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