Posted by: da_nibbler | May 24, 2014

Review: X-Men – Days of Future Past

The X-Men are fighting a vicious battle for survival against the Sentinels. A losing battle . The terminator-like Sentinels adapt to every power used on them, decimating our heroes. Their only hope is Kitty Pride and her ability to send a person’s mind into the past to change the outcome of a pivotal moment in history. And then the fun begins.

Brian Singer is back. Who better to try and bring together the old and new cast of the X-Men franchise than the man originally at the helm. He elegantly weaves everyone into this film’s story with a handy time travel plot, linking the bleak future with the hopeful present. The film doesn’t take up time with exposition, instead rushing into the middle of the action right from the start. The rollercoaster takes us from one well composed scene to the next. The diligence with which every scene has been put together – from the dialogue and the framing to the editing and humorous delivery by the actors – it all flows so well that a slight slowdown after the halfway point catches you by surprise. Not for long as the next breathtaking set piece, performance or action sequence is just around the corner.

The film stuns with top notch visual effects and sound design. The technical framework is flawless, but the heart of the film are the performances. Hugh Jackman’s out of time Wolverine functions as the anker between the two time lines and Jackman does a wonderful job revisiting his character’s past. Interactions with his friends’ younger selves are well done with no opportunity missed for witty banter. The emphasis of the story is on the younger X-Men, trying to bring about the change needed to save the future. Here especially James McAvoy shines as a disillusioned and broken Charles Xavier. Michael Fassbender is almost bland in comparison as he is not given much to work with and comes across a bit constrained while Jennifer Lawrence feels a tad wasted as Mystique is all action this time around and hardly has any character moments until the very end. The most memorable character this time around is a new addition, Quicksilver. A young cleptomaniac who we have to thank for one of the funniest slow motion sequences I have seen in the cinema lately. It is a real shame he doesn’t stick with our leads for the rest of the film. Hopefully he will be back in some later instalment of the franchise.

‘X-Men – Days of Future Past‘ is a solid summer blockbuster brimming with action, intriguing characters and a load of comic relief. The fight sequences between the X-Men and the Sentinels are visually incredible and fast paced, showing off interesting new powers. The choreography will have your head spinning. The film is also an astounding fan service, chockfull of little snippets and details only comic enthusiasts will pick up on; with the general public like myself completely unaware if not for the overheard excited whispers here and there and heated discussions after. A not very subtle finger is given to ‘X-Men – The Last Stand’, which everyone seemed to pick up on and appreciate.

Besides all the action this is a story with heart, exploring themes of family and friendship. Discard continuity issues with previous films in the franchise and the few plot holes and you will have a fantastic rollercoaster ride with your favourite heroes, wrapped in a very entertaining package held together by a sexy blue ribbon. Make sure to stay for an interesting snippet after the credits. This film comes highly recommended, not just for comic enthusiasts.


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