Posted by: da_nibbler | March 29, 2014

Review: ‘Captain America – The Winter Soldier’

Having had the first ten minutes spoiled by the ‘300 – Rise of an Empire’ screening and their ‘Captain America’ preview watching the beginning was, uhm, interesting. I knew the introduction almost line by line, not that there is much dialogue, and yet I couldn’t help but chuckle at the quibs between Rogers and Wilson again. Shortly followed by the first of many action sequences the quibs don’t stop there with Black Widow and Captain America debating potential dates for the latter, among other things. Some might find it forced as this comedy / action turnover goes on throughout the entire film. I found it rather entertaining.

Our superheroes aren’t the only ones getting in on the action. Nick Fury gets to show off the amazingness that is his car (I want one) and other side characters are allowed more than mere cameos. The fast paced action can make it a bit tough to follow all the stuff going on onscreen at times, but that is also half the fun. While there is lots of action this film is more of a political suspense thriller with hidden agendas coming out of the wood work all over the place. While most of the plot points are fairly obvious there are enough twists and turns to keep you entertained. The film doesn’t have a dull moment, weaving nicely between action and character moments and keeping a solid pace.

It’s the small details that make this film a lot of fun to watch. Rogers’ list of things he needs to catch up on, which interestingly enough differ depending on the region you are in when watching the film. One of the characters on a rescue mission pointing out that skyscrapers unfortunately do not show the level number on their facade. And my personal highlight, our heroes visiting an Apple store for its hardware and wifi only to be immediately approached by an over-eager Genius.

Rogers’ self doubts about his situation, literally being out of his time, and the state the world is in nowadays are voiced early on. As he points out “it’s not black and white anymore”. You don’t know who your enemy is. The clear lines of war are no longer. Wars are fought different now. And the Cap is not so sure he is fighting on the side of freedom any longer as he points out when Fury shows him his latest project (big brother says hi). It is not the weapon but the person wielding it that makes all the difference. Finding out who we’re really up against gets everybody into the action to fight for everyone’s freedom, yet again.

Lots of things go boom, friends turn into foes, foes into friends, witty one-liners are uttered and as always the Cap saves the day in another entertaining film. No longer part of World War Two, but a significant part in the war for the world, Captain America will always fight for freedom and what is right. Not just for Captain America or Marvel fans. Go see and enjoy the ride. Remember to stay through the credits for two additional scenes, one at the very end.



  1. Good review. These movies just keep on getting better and better, which shows us why Marvel is so dominant in the first place.

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