Posted by: da_nibbler | May 15, 2015

Review: ‘Mad Max – Fury Road’

Fury RoadBy this time last year I already had a few contenders on my Top Ten list. 2015 seemed to be taking its time… until I saw ‘Fury Road’. There was no doubt that ‘Fury Road’ would be a highlight of the year, a big contender for Best Film of 2015 in my book. It immediately went on my list and should be on yours as well.

Broken humanity is fighting for everyday necessities in an apocalyptic setting where crazy cults rule with maniacal power and a few shining beacons are trying to make a difference. ‘Fury Road’ sets its tone right from the start with a lonely man overlooking a seemingly endless death valley. The only other sign of life is a lonesome lizard, immediately squashed by the man’s boot the lizard finds his end between the man’s teeth within seconds. Not enough time to finish chewing before we are in the middle of our first chase sequence. Better strap yourselves in. There is not much room to breathe once this film gets going. What a lovely day!

From one insane set piece and action sequence to the next, ‘Fury Road’ never lets up, carrying its momentum through to the very end. Calling the film an action-laden roller coaster ride sounds cliche, but that is exactly what it is. Popcorn cinema at its finest, and most gruesome. Chockfull with enough detail to make your head spin. And I wasn’t even watching it in 3D.

The film stars Tom Hardy as Max, Charlize Theron as the unforgettable Imperator Furiosa, Nicholas Hoult as Nox and Hugh Keays-Byrne returning to the Mad Max universe, albeit in a new role as Immortan Joe. With plenty of notable side characters that stay with you long after you have left the theatre, the list of talent I would like to mention would be too long for this review. Miller has done something that nowadays seems too rare: fleshed out characters, right down to the smallest part. Everyone and everything is grounded in the reality he has created. The film does not just invite us to return, we need to return as there is so much to see, hear and experience; too much for just one viewing. This film comes highly recommended. Do not miss out!


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