Posted by: da_nibbler | April 2, 2015

Review: ‘Insurgent’

Remember ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’? That absolutely entertaining, action laden, funny and quotable first ‘Indiana Jones’ film that sparked a successful franchise?! Of course you do. We have all seen it numerous times and never shy away from watching it again and again. Its entire story can be boiled down to a bunch of people chasing after a box with everyone wanting to be the first to open it. Doesn’t sound like much but it works. Not so for ‘Insurgent’ which, at its core, is about the same plot device: find an elusive box and open it. What could have been a journey of discovery and exploration is turned into a by the numbers, stitched together film that relies too much on coincidences to move its plot forward.

Last we saw our heroes they were fleeing the city towards the all surrounding wall, claiming their freedom. However they did not make it past FarmVille on the outskirts, where they choose to hide from Kate Winslet and consorts. Not too long until the extent of the pacifists’ hospitality is tested and Winslet’s forces descend upon the tranquil village, wreaking havoc. Our heroes take this chance for a change of scenery (and to move the plot along) to regroup with the rest of the outlawed Dauntless who, for an unexplained reason, decided it was a good idea to hide among the Candor faction. To recap: Candor cannot lie! Even better, they are greeted by a ginormous group of Dauntless out in the open, lingering to enjoy the festivities,  despite everyone being on the run and hunted by the Gestapo. Who/What/Why? These logic errors kept rearing their ugly heads again and again, making this film almost unbearable to watch; especially as the film has no redeeming qualities to name.

Events keep happening as to be expected. Someone from the Candor group talks (surprise, surprise) and the group gets raided and implanted with neural thingymajiggs which turns everyone into suicide jumpers to force Tris to hand herself over to Kate Winslet because clearly there is no other way to go about getting these two to hang out. Then there is a lot of simulation running like in the first film until the box is finally opened and spills its secrets. Which in turn points towards the wall, where we were headed at the end of the first film already, only this time it is opening. Ba-bammmm!!!

If that doesn’t get you interested in this film maybe the amazing action will. Oh wait, there is none. Believable characters. Ok, again no shows. New characters? Check. But they only function as filler. Sidelining Naomi Watts’ very promising character is one of the biggest issues I have with this film. The short screen time she is allotted gives hope there will be more in the next installment.

There is nothing new in ‘Insurgent’. Shailene Woodley is squaring off against Kate Winslet; again. Miles Teller is switching sides; again and again. There is some fighting and lots of running; again. Basically you are watching the first film again with some scenery changes.  Might as well stay in, save the money and do just that. I might be a bit harsh on ‘Insurgent’, but I cannot find the slightest teensy tiny bit that could potentially redeem this boring mess of a film. Stay clear!


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